Who won Albertsons Monopoly 2021?

Who won Albertsons Monopoly 2021?

Elisa Fischer
On Wednesday a small crowd gathered outside the Phoenix Albertsons celebrated the Rogue Valley’s newest millionaire. Medford resident Elisa Fischer, who has been playing the monopoly game for three years, won the $1 million grand prize.

How do you scan Albertsons Monopoly?

Scan or enter the Digital Match 3 Coupon code in the app or on the website. The site will reveal nine generic TITLE DEED CARDS (meaning the participant will not see what text is behind the TITLE DEED CARDS). Participant must select any three (and only three) TITLE DEED CARDS, and then click the SUBMIT button.

Is Albertsons Monopoly Game over?

The Monopoly game at Safeway/Albertsons starts on March 3, 2021, and ends on May 4, 2021.

Has anyone won the shop Play Win Monopoly?

Just for your information – the winner of the 2020 Monopoly Game was a Denver Safeway shopper and she used all her tokens in the 2nd chance sweepstakes drawing for the $1M and was randomly selected, so people do win in the last chance drawings.

How do I redeem Monopoly coupons?

Each winning coupon includes redemption instructions. Instant Win Prizes must be scanned or entered into your SHOP, PLAY, WIN! ® account. Store Level Prizes (see list below) will be loaded directly to your Market Store Account (aka just for U or rewards!) to redeem at checkout with your account’s phone number.

How do I redeem monopoly coupons?

How do I redeem my Monopoly Instant Win?

Instant win food prizes can be redeemed at any McDonald’s branch by handing the token over at the counter when you order. You can also cash in game pieces on the touch screen kiosks in store or via the app by entering in the 12 digit prize code.

What Monopoly pieces are worth money mcdonalds?

The list of rare monopoly pieces are:

  • Dark blue: Mayfair – £100,000 cash (four available)
  • Green: Bond Street – Ibiza villa or UK getaway (30 available)
  • Red: Strand – Lay-Z-Spa hot tub (175 available)
  • Yellow: Coventry Street – £1,000 to spend on home entertainment with ao (100 available)

What is the rarest Monopoly token?

The rarest Monopoly tokens are those made from compressed paper and sawdust during the Second World War. These were so fragile that they often broke, and so complete ones are sought after by collectors.