Who won CCL 2018 final?

Who won CCL 2018 final?

Karnataka Bulldozers
2018 CCL T10 was cancelled. 2019 CCL T10 Semi-final and final match not conducted due to rain. Based on group stage performance Mumbai Heroes (win all 3 matches) and Karnataka Bulldozers team announced as Runner up (win 2 out of 3 matches)….Performance.

Team Chennai Rhinos
2011 W
2012 W
2013 GS
2014 GS

Who is the winner of CCL 2017?

84/5 (10 ovs)

Date December 25, 2017
Venue Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium Uppal, Hyderabad
Time 03:00 PM GMT, 08:30 PM IST
Toss Telugu Warriors opt to bowl
Result Telugu Warriors won by 8 wickets

Who won CCL 2020?

Tigres UANL
2020 CONCACAF Champions League/Champion

Which is the best team in CCL?

CCL Celebrity Cricket League Winners List of All Seasons

S.No. Winners Team Total Teams
1 Chennai Rhinos 4
2 Chennai Rhinos 6
3 Karnataka Bulldozers 8
4 Karnataka Bulldozers 8

Who is the best player of CCL?

Celebrity Cricket League

Rank Player Team
1 Sudheer Babu Telugu Warriors
2 Vikranth Chennai Rhinos
3 Dhruv Karnataka Bulldozers
4 Pradeep Karnataka Bulldozers