Who won the 2011 soccer championship?

Who won the 2011 soccer championship?

Japan won the final against the United States on a penalty shoot-out following a 2–2 draw after extra time and became the first Asian team to win a senior FIFA World Cup….2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

FIFA Frauen-Weltmeisterschaft Deutschland 2011
Champions Japan (1st title)
Runners-up United States
Third place Sweden
Fourth place France

Who won the Division 2 soccer championship?

The most successful program has been Southern Connecticut State, with 6 national titles. The current champion is Charleston (WV). The Golden Eagles won their second title in 2019, defeating Cal State Los Angeles in the final, 2–0….NCAA Division II Men’s Soccer Championship.

Founded 1972
Most successful club(s) Southern Connecticut (6)
Website [1]

Who won the 2009 NCAA men’s soccer national championship?

The final was held on December 13, 2009 with Virginia defeating Akron, 3–2 in a penalty shoot-out, following a goalless regulation and two overtimes.

Which women’s college soccer team has won 21 NCAA national championships?

Known widely as one of the most successful collegiate programs in any NCAA sport, the Tar Heels have won 21 national championships of the 31 NCAA tournaments contested. They also won the only AIAW national championship in soccer in 1981.

When did Japan beat Uswnt?

It was played between Japan and the United States. Japan won 3–1 in a penalty shoot-out following a 2–2 draw after extra time, becoming the first Asian team to win a FIFA World Cup final….2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final.

Saki Kumagai Japan
United States 2 2
Date 17 July 2011
Venue Waldstadion, Frankfurt
Player of the Match Ayumi Kaihori (Japan)

Who won the NCAA college soccer championship?

Marshall Thundering Herd men’s soccer
NCAA Division I Men’s Soccer Tournament/Current champions

Who has won the most college soccer championships?

Among the most successful programs, Saint Louis won 10 titles during dynasty years between 1959 and 1973….NCAA Division I Men’s Soccer Tournament.

Founded 1959
Current champions Marshall (1st title)
Most successful club(s) Saint Louis (10 titles)
Television broadcasters ESPNU ESPN Deportes
Website NCAA.com

Who won the NCAA championship women’s soccer?

Santa Clara Broncos women’s soccer
NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer Championship/Current champions

Who won the women’s 2020 NCAA championship?

Santa Clara
2020 NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer Tournament

Women’s College Cup (Semifinals & Final)
Country United States
Champions (11) Santa Clara (2nd title)
Runners-up (1) Florida State
Semi-finalists (2) North Carolina Virginia