Who wrote the song Can we still be friends?

Who wrote the song Can we still be friends?

Todd Rundgren
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Who did Todd Rundgren date?

Rundgren had a long-term relationship with Karen Darvin, with whom he had two sons, Rex (born 1980) and Randy (born 1985). Rex was a minor league baseball player (infielder) for nine seasons. Darvin had previously been with Bruce Springsteen in a relationship that ended in 1977. Rundgren married Michele Gray in 1998.

How can we be friends?

How to make friends

  1. Take initiative. If you find people around you, you don’t need to wait for anyone to reach out to you and take the first step.
  2. Join a new club or organization.
  3. Show that you’re friendly.
  4. Don’t look for similarities.
  5. Be a good listener.
  6. Create friendships with friends of friends.”
  7. Stay in touch.
  8. Say yes.

How old is Todd Rundgren today?

73 years (22 June 1948)
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Who sang Can we still be friends?

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What year did Can We Still Be Friends by Todd Rundgren come out?

Can We Still Be Friends/Released
It was May 1978 when Todd Rundgren released eighth album, Hermit of Mink Hollow. The LP arrived with lead single, “Can We Still Be Friends.” As the record created in the wake of Rundgren’s very public separation from partner, Bebe Buell, may immediately believed the song was about her.

Who was Todd Rundgren’s girlfriend?

Buell moved to New York in 1972 after signing a modeling contract with Eileen Ford, and garnered notoriety after her publicized relationship with musician Todd Rundgren from 1972 until 1978, as well as her liaisons with several rock musicians over the following four decades….

Bebe Buell
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)

Does Liv Tyler have relationship with Todd Rundgren?

She is the daughter of Steven Tyler and Bebe Buell, although she has a very close relationship with her adoptive father Todd Rundgren….

Liv Tyler
Partner(s) David Gardner (2014–present)
Children 3
Parent(s) Bebe Buell (mother) Steven Tyler (biological) Todd Rundgren (adoptive/legal)

How can I make a best friend?

Here are 9 Ways You Can Become a Great Friend:

  1. Be real.
  2. Be honest.
  3. Take an interest in the details of your friend’s life by being a good listener.
  4. Make time for your friend.
  5. Keep their secrets.
  6. Encourage your friend.
  7. Be loyal to your friend.
  8. Be willing to work through conflict.

Where can I make friends?

You may be surprised to know that many of the places you go every day without even thinking about it are places where you can make new friends.

  • Bars. Let’s begin by talking about the “obvious” and easiest place to meet new people.
  • Public Transport.
  • Volunteer Work.
  • Hospital.
  • Book Club Meetings.
  • Local Meetups.
  • Dog Parks.
  • Gym.

Is Todd Rundgren married to Bebe Buell?

She is the mother of actress Liv Tyler (born 1977), whose biological father is Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. Todd Rundgren is Liv’s legally adoptive father….

Bebe Buell
Occupation Model, singer
Spouse(s) Coyote Shivers ​ ​ ( m. 1992; div. 1999)​ Jim Wallerstein ​ ​ ( m. 2002)​
Children Liv Tyler

Why did Todd Rundgren write can we still be friends?

This is one of the songs Rundgren’s fans often cite as one they have a personal connection with. “‘Can We Still Be Friends’ gets mentioned a lot because I think it helps people to put into words the feelings that they have about a situation they’ve gone through but they can’t really articulate in the right way,” he told Songfacts.

Who was the original singer of can we still be friends?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. “Can We Still Be Friends” is a song written and originally performed by Todd Rundgren.

When did Rod Stewart record can we still be friends?

In 2003, Mandy Moore recorded her own version of the song from her fourth studio album Coverage, composed entirely of remakes. Rod Stewart recorded this song as a track for his 1984 album Camouflage. This version is performed at a faster tempo than Rundgren’s and Palmer’s versions and features more prominent use of the synthesizer.

When did Rundgren break up with Bebe Buell?

Rundgren explains this, but wishes to part amicably, asking several times if he and his partner can “still be friends.”. The song is generally assumed to be about Rundgren’s breakup with long-time companion Bebe Buell in 1977. Rundgren played all the instruments and performed all the vocals on the track, as he did with the rest of the album.