Why did Don Meyer leave Lipscomb?

Why did Don Meyer leave Lipscomb?

When the Bisons decided to follow Belmont to NCAA Division I, Meyer wasn’t on board. He argued — rightly, of course — that a move up meant Lipscomb wouldn’t be able to compete for national titles. He sent his resignation through the campus mail and announced he was leaving to the media.

How did Don Meyer die?

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Who is Jerry Meyer?

Jerry Meyers (born March 8, 1965) is the former pitching coach for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks baseball team….Jerry Meyers.

Current position
1996 Old Dominion (assistant)
1997–2004 South Carolina (assistant)
2005–2010 Old Dominion
2011–2017 South Carolina (assistant)

Where did Don Meyer coach?

Donald Wayne Meyer (December 16, 1944 – May 18, 2014) was an American college basketball coach who completed his career in 2010 as head coach of the men’s team at Northern State University. He was once head coach at Hamline University and Lipscomb University. Meyer was born in 1944 in Wayne, Nebraska.

When did Don Meyer die?

May 18, 2014
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How many wins did Don Meyer have?

923 victories
Don Meyer, who finished his NCAA men’s basketball coaching career with 923 victories, passed away Sunday at his home in Aberdeen, South Dakota, at the age of 69.

Where does Trent Dilfer coach?

Dilfer has been the head varsity coach at the Nashville, Tennessee, private school since 2019.

Where does Trent Dilfer live now?

Dilfer resides with his family in Saratoga, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What high school football team does Trent Dilfer coach?

Lipscomb Academy
A coach cannot place his hands on an athlete out of frustration. By now, you’ve likely seen the viral video from over the weekend showing Dilfer placing his hands on Lipscomb Academy senior Beau Dawson’s shoulders and aggressively walking him back toward a bench during the team’s home game Friday.

What happened Trevin Dilfer?

After a 40-day battle with heart disease, Trend Dilfer’s only son, Trevin, died on April 27, 2003, at a California hospital. Trevin was just 5 years old. Dilfer, who was the backup quarterback with the Seattle Seahawks struggled big time in trying to cope with his loss.

How old was Don Meyer when he died?

Don Meyer died of cancer on May 18, 2014, aged 69, in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

What was Don Meyer’s record for most wins in college basketball?

He was once head coach at Hamline University and Lipscomb University. Meyer was born in 1944 in Wayne, Nebraska. Meyer held the record for most wins by a men’s basketball coach whose career included at least one stint with an NCAA member school, until it was surpassed by Duke University coach Mike Krzyzewski in November 2011.

When was Don Meyer inducted into the Hall of Fame?

In February 2011, Coach Meyer was inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame not only for his basketball coaching skills and records but was also recognized as an outstanding collegiate basketball and baseball athlete and administrator. In 2012, Meyer was inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame.

What kind of cancer did Don Meyer have?

Don Meyer had cancer discovered in his liver and intestines (bowels) during emergency surgery after a car crash on September 5, 2008. His lower left leg had to be amputated below the knee due to injuries from the car crash.