Why does ETHO look like Kakashi?

Why does ETHO look like Kakashi?

Etho’s Minecraft skin is Kakashi Hatake from the Japanese manga and anime franchise Naruto. He chose it because it was one of the most detailed skins at the time, even though there are better versions nowadays. In January 2014, Etho updated his skin to utilize new skin customization added in 1.8.

What is ethos net worth?

Life-Insurance Startup Ethos Valued at More Than $2 Billion.

Where is EthosLab from in Canada?

AKA Treetho, Ethoslab, Mr Slab, Sneaky Ninja, Beetho (first modded mindcrack series), Ladders (He goes up, he goes down), Ergo
Age 35 (August 20, 1986)
Home Canada

Who is the oldest member of Hermitcraft?

29th June 1959 – TinFoilChef – 62 years old (oldest hermit!!) Unbelievable, both the youngest and oldest hermits are born in June! If this doesn’t feel like a complete circle to you, then I have nothing else to say!

Is ETHO Minecraft skin Kakashi?

Etho’s skin is of Kakashi of the Sharingan. However, his skin doesn’t hide Kakashi’s sharingan. The skin wears the jonin style clothing shown in Naruto.

What is VintageBeef real name?

Daniel “Dan” M.
VintageBeef, also known by his personal name Daniel “Dan” M., is a Canadian Let’s Play commentator, a member of Mindcrack since May 2011, and a member of HermitCraft since September 2016….

Personal name Dan
Born 26 August 1981 (age 40)
Country Canada
Nationality Canadian

Does Ethoslab live in Canada?

Ethoslab or Etho is a Canadian Youtuber and video game commentator best known for his Minecraft Let’s Play series Etho Plays Minecraft, and his involvment on the Hermitcraft server.

What country is ZombieCleo from?


Born 16 May 1980 (age 41)
Country United Kingdom
Gender F
Other names Cleo

How old is ZombieCleo Hermitcraft?

age 40
ZombieCleo (born: May 16, 1981 (1981-05-16) [age 40]) is an English gaming YouTuber and member of the Hermitcraft Minecraft SMP server.

What gender is ZombieCleo?