Why does Michael wake up screaming?

Why does Michael wake up screaming?

The following switch scenes will occur after the events of the mission “Did Somebody Say Yoga?”, where Michael’s family moves out of the house, leaving him alone. Michael waking up violently from a bad dream with a gun in his hand, realizing it was a dream, and getting dressed.

Is Michael from GTA a psychopath?

Towards the end of the game, Michael has started to accept his borderline-sociopath personality, with him stating in the final cut-scene of the Deathwish ending that he still hates himself, but at least he knows the words for it. Michael will also begin to show a large amount of regret due to the decisions he’s made.

Why is Trevor afraid of clowns?

It is presumed that Trevor had an irrational fear of clowns, since he was a child, thus explaining his hallucination involving clowns trying to attack him. Michael De Santa has a similar hallucination in his own version of the Grass Roots mission, only this time his hallucination involves Aliens.

Why is Trevor Philips scared of clowns?

12 He Is Scared Of One Thing Reacting in fear and rage, he goes on a rampage against the clowns, only to wake up and realize he had been hallucinating. Part of the backstory for the character of Trevor reveals that he developed his fear of clowns early in his childhood, and that fear never left his psyche.

Why does Trevor hate Michael?

Trevor is a man who values loyalty. When he realizes that Michael is still alive, he feels betrayed. Trevor was angry with Michael throughout most of GTA 5, and he had every right to do so.

Is Michael evil GTA?

Michael De Santa, for all intents and purposes, is an evil man. He’s a violent, morally corrupt criminal whose quest for being a decent family man easily makes him one of the most atypical video game protagonists in the history of video games.

Is Franklin a psychopath in GTA V?

He is a killer, but with no remorse (At least all the other GTA V characters understand their actions of murder) or no care. Multiple people bring up this fact of Franklin being a sociopathic murder but he just shrugs it off, never once does he ever question the act of murder.

Why is Trevor not allowed in the airport?

Trespassing on the runways will result in a three-star wanted level unless the player purchases a hangar as either Franklin and/or Michael, which allows the player who owns a hangar to roam around the entire airport safely; Trevor cannot access the airport at any time without a wanted level.

Why does Trevor Philips wear dresses?

Trevor’s dedication to his mother and the fact that he can wear dresses may be a reference to Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 horror film Psycho.