Why is buckmore park closed?

Why is buckmore park closed?

Buckmore Park has been closed now for over 200 days since the pandemic began and like with many businesses in leisure and hospitality, that has caused us huge financial strain. As a business we have lost over £1 million in revenue and incurred significant costs to be covid secure.

Who owns Buckmore Park?

John Surtees Ltd
John Surtees Ltd, based in Edenbridge on the Kent/Surrey border, has bought the business and assets of Buckmore Park, but the circuit’s former owner Bill Sisley is to stay on as a consultant.

When did buckmore Park open?

The circuit subsequently opened in 1963 at no cost to the scouts. During the 1970s the track was used by the scouts, visitors to the park and the Rochester Motor Club but had fallen into disrepair by the 1980s due to the scouts not having enough money to maintain it.

Where did Lewis Hamilton go karting?

Buckmore Park has been at the forefront of British karting for several decades and is a circuit where some of Britain’s most successful drivers have mastered their craft.

Are dogs allowed at Buckmore Park?

No dogs allowed onsite except guidance dogs Buckmore Park also offers a large number of activity options.

When did Lewis Hamilton go karting?

Karting. Hamilton began karting in 1993 and quickly began winning races and cadet class championships. Two years later, he became the youngest driver to win the British cadet karting championship at the age of ten.

How did Lewis Hamilton start karting?

From an early age, Lewis Hamilton showed an interest in anything with an engine – cars, motorbikes, you name it, he loved it. At the age of 8, Lewis started to race go karts, spurred on by his dad Anthony Hamilton who noticed straight away that there was something different about him.

When did Lewis Hamilton start racing in F1?

13 May 1950
Formula 1/First event date

How did Lewis Hamilton get into racing?

Hamilton began karting in 1993 at the age of eight. He quickly began winning races and class championships. At the age of ten he approached McLaren F1 team boss Ron Dennis for an autograph. Hamilton would become the youngest ever driver to secure a contract which led in an F1 racing position.

When did Lewis Hamilton start karting?

When did Hamilton start karting?

How long has Hamilton been in F1?

Lewis Hamilton started his professional Formula One career in 2007, driving for McLaren. He won his first title in 2008 with the team to become the then-youngest champion in the history of the sport.

What kind of kart racing is at Buckmore Park?

Buckmore Park is well known for its Hire Kart Club which regularly hosts events for its members. One type of event is ‘Sprint’ style racing, where competitors compete in a series of heats and finals.

What kind of races are there at Buckmore?

Sprint events at Buckmore include the Grand Prix League, National Sprint, International Sprint and the two Junior Kart Club classes. Some individual competitors prefer ‘Endurance’ races, where grid positions are decided by a short qualifying session, leading to the fastest driver starting on pole.

Who are the Formula One drivers from Buckmore Park?

Buckmore Park is a circuit where many current and past Formula One drivers learned their trade, including Johnny Herbert and Formula 1 champions Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, who was originally discovered by Ron Dennis in the 1996 Champions of the Future Event held at Buckmore Park.

Who are the famous drivers at Buckmore Park?

Buckmore Park has been making pulses race for over fifty years. Since its launch in 1963, it has become the breeding ground for many young drivers, eager to cut their teeth before moving on to different types of motorsport, this list includes Triple F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton & Jenson Button.