Why is crocidolite toxic?

Why is crocidolite toxic?

Toxicity and Responses to Inhaled Fibers Iron ions on amphibole types of asbestos react with epithelial lining fluid in the lung and generate reactive oxygen species that induce toxicity, and oxidant stress may lead to DNA damage.

What are the properties of crocidolite?

Crocidolite has a high-temperature resistance and an extremely high resistance to acids. The material is also highly brittle and friable. Because crocidolite is naturally formed in bundles of long, sharp fibers, it is more readily inhaled and causes more rapid health consequences than any other asbestos form.

What does amosite stand for?

Amosite is a trade name for a type of asbestos mined in South Africa. (The name is derived from the initials of asbestos mines of South Africa” with the addition of “-ite”.) Amosite is commonly known as “brown asbestos” and was widely used as a fire retardant in thermal insulation products, like ceiling tiles.

What does crocidolite look like?

crocidolite, also called Blue Asbestos, a gray-blue to leek-green, fibrous form of the amphibole mineral riebeckite. It has a greater tensile strength than chrysotile asbestos but is much less heat-resistant, fusing to black glass at relatively low temperatures.

What is crocidolite made of?

Amphibole refers to a group of dark-colored silicate minerals that is typically composed of iron and magnesium ions. Crocidolite asbestos is a fibrous amphibole that is considered to be one of the more dangerous asbestos minerals.

What is crocidolite used for?

Crocidolite was also used in common commercial products in the U.K. Some considered crocidolite to be the best of all the asbestos fibres, due to its flexibility, strength and chemical resistance. These properties led to it being used extensively in battery casings.

What color is amosite?

Amosite (brown asbestos) was used most frequently in cement sheets and pipe insulation.

Does Tiger’s Eye have asbestos?

Blue crocidolite asbestos is used to make tiger’s eye jewelry. As the iron in the crocidolite oxidizes, it develops the brown and gold colors that tiger’s eye is known for.

Which is the best description of crocidolite?

Definition of crocidolite : a lavender-blue or light green mineral of the amphibole group that occurs in silky fibers and in massive form and is a type of asbestos — compare tigereye : a purplish blue to greenish mineral of the amphibole group that causes asbestosis and cancer in the form of mesotheliomas

What kind of cancer is caused by crocidolite?

medical Definition of crocidolite. : a purplish blue to greenish mineral of the amphibole group that causes asbestosis and cancer in the form of mesotheliomas — called also blue asbestos.

What causes crocidolite to be blue in color?

A high soda content along with traces of iron and magnesium cause crocidolite to appear blue in many of its natural and processed forms. However, it can also appear yellow or dark gray depending on its mining source and its processing.

Is it OK to have crocidolite in Your House?

Should you believe crocidolite asbestos is present in your home or business, don’t wait to get your property professionally inspected and prepped for asbestos removal, as doing so may spare you from developing serious health issues later in life. What materials contain crocidolite?