Why is there 2 different endings to I Am Legend?

Why is there 2 different endings to I Am Legend?

The ending to the Alternate Theatrical Version varies from the original ending. Instead of blowing himself and the hemocytes up with a grenade, Neville discovers that the hemocytes actually came for the female he captured earlier in the movie. He relieves her of the cure and returns her to the hemocytes.

What was the original ending to I Am Legend?

The theatrical ending of I Am Legend has Neville telling Anna and Ethan that the Hemocytes won’t stop chasing them. Deciding to sacrifice himself for their safety, Neville pulls the pin on a grenade and charges into the Hemocyte scrum headfirst, killing the Alpha Male and his army.

When did I Am Legend Alternate Ending come out?

April 3, 2008 (Ukraine)
I Am Legend/Release date

What is the twist in I Am Legend?

The alternate ending Neville takes a leap of faith and opens the glass partition, risking his life to reunite the Darkseekers. Once Neville’s awakened the female, the two Darkseekers embrace in a moment of surprise humanity. Smith’s character realizes that the mutants, though far from human, are able to express love.

Is there Ai Am Legend 2?

I Am Legend 2 Will Never Happen; Story Details Revealed.

Did the mannequin move in I Am Legend?

Yes. I completely agree with your answer. I just watched the film and right next to Fred, a trap is set for Neville (in which he gets caught). So the zombies were most probably observing Fred and Neville and setup the trap for him.

Why did I Am Legend change the ending?

Unfortunately, as revealed by I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence, the reason the ending was changed to the happier one seen in theaters is due to intensely negative reactions to the ending where Neville has his villainous realization from test audiences.

What happens at the end of Legend by Marie Lu?

In the end, Day and June decide that they’re going to go to the waterfront together and get Eden. After that, they’ll travel into the Colonies and join the effort to fight against the Republic.

Did they change the ending of I Am Legend?

Is there going to be AI Am Legend 2?

Does the movie I Am Legend have two endings?

Two endings of I Am Legend The movie had an alternate ending as well as the one which was theatrically released. In the theatrical release, Will Smith’s character, Robert Neville dies along with the Darkseekers while trying to protect the cure for the widespread virus.

How many I Am Legend movies are there?

I Am Legend has been adapted into a feature-length film three times, as well as into a direct-to-video feature film called I Am Omega. Differing from the book, each of them portrays the Neville character as an accomplished scientist. The three adaptations show him finding a remedy and passing it on.

What happens in the alternate ending of I Am Legend?

By contrast, the alternate ending has Neville learn that the reason the vampires are attacking his home is that the creatures’ leader is the significant other to the latest “test subject” that Neville had kidnapped in order to try and create a cure.

When did the movie I Am Legend Come Out?

I Am Legend was originally slated for a November 21, 2007, release in the United States and Canada, but was delayed to December 14. The film opened on December 26, 2007, in the United Kingdom, and Ireland, having been originally scheduled for January 4, 2008.

Who are the characters in I Am Legend?

The rest of the supporting cast consists of Salli Richardson as Zoe, Robert’s wife, and Alice Braga as a survivor named Anna. Willow Smith, Will Smith’s daughter, makes her film debut as Marley, Neville’s daughter.

Is the movie Dear John based on a true story?

Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, the movie is about young soldier John (Channing Tatum) who falls in love with college student Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) while home on leave. After 9/11, John decides to reinlist, and the story follows their love over his prolonged absence.