You may have heard the many sayings about using proper protection during sex like “don’t be a fool, wrap your tool”, or the slightly funnier version: “don’t be silly, wrap your willy”.  It looks like now, more than ever, those sayings should be repeated more and more and more.  Why?  Because the latest report from the United States center for disease control states that STDs are growing in the population at an alarming rate.  Well, not all of them are, but some of the more nasty ones are.  And which STD is spreading through the human population the fastest?  Herpes.

What we know about Herpes:

Herpes comes in two different forms in human infection, the first form is herpes simplex I which causes the common cold sore.  This type of herpes doesn’t necesarily have to come from sexual contact and it can be passed from mother to child, or from friend to friend as they share a drink.  This type of herpes is usually just limited to a very small amount of cold sores which flare up during times of high stress either emotional or physical.  the other type of herpes is the one that we are worried about: herpes simplex II.  The herpes simplex II virus is responsible for spreading one of the worst infectious diseases through the human population in mankind’s history.  And just how common is herpes?  It is so common now in 2014 that one in six people are guaranteed to have the infection and be actively exposing it to other people. You might be wondering how genital herpes has managed to spread from human to human so effectively and that is because its transfer mechanism is incredibly efficient.  it can be spread through ora, vaginal or anal sex if you manage to be in contact with someone who is infected during one of their flare ups.  The virus actually has fluids which create infections in humans and so in order for those fluids to be able to spread there needs to be an open sore.  If you’re in SoCal and need herpes testing see this list of std screening locations.

How do I avoid Herpes?

You might be wondering how you can avoid herpes and the sad truth is that the only surefire way of knowing that you will never get herpes is if you don’t have vaginal, oral, or anal sex at any time in your entire life.  Obviously this isn’t an option (which is part of the reason as to why the virus has spread so horribly throughout the populations).  You should always use condoms, especially when you sleep with someone you don’t know well or you aren’t in an exclusive relationship with, but you should be warned that similiar to HPV, herpes can pass through to partners on the skin around the condom so even wearing a condom does not protect you 100% from getting the virus.

Will I Pass Herpes to My child? 

If you are pregnant then you should immediately tell your doctor that you have herpes.  Although it is very easy to pass the disease / infection from mother to child through the umbilical chord, or during pregnancy, if the doctor has enough time to plan for it then it is possible to deliver the child without passing the disease from mother to child.  Because of the possibility of your unborn child being killed by a disease called neonatal herpes, you should avoid getting herpes at all costs if you don’t already have it while being pregnant.

Will I Know If I Have Herpes?

Many people infected with the disease don’t actually know that they are infected with it.  Some people can go years or even their lives without being privvy to the knowledge because the only time that it comes up is if you actually have a flare up or break out which not all people have.  Despite this risk you should always consult your doctor and get tested early and often to avoid passing the disease knowingly or unknowingly to any members of the opposite sex.

Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are becoming a huge issue today, and you need to do your part by practicing responsible sex and using a condom.  The CDC recommends getting tested every 2-3 months as well as every time you begin sleeping with a new partner.

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