The Difference Between Free to Play and Real Money in Online Casino Games

In the world of casino iGaming, there are two types of gaming modes you can enjoy: the free-to-play demo mode and real-money gambling. So, whether you are into spinning reels like what’s available at or prefer table and card games, these are the two options you’ll find when you go to gamble online.

That said, it’s worth noting that Live dealer casino titles are the only online gamblings that feature the real-money mode as they take place in real-time. You cannot engage in the games for free, as you must spend funds to gain access to any live dealer lobby at an online gaming platform.


Therefore, outside live dealer casino gambling, you can enjoy yourself to the fullest in your favorite titles for free or real money, provided you understand what each gambling mode entails. So, if you’ve ever wondered which way to go when you log on to a website, read on to discover how the two types of gambling differ.


What Are Free to Play Games?

The free-play experience allows you to play the game with in-game credits instead of actual cash deposits. And thus, given that there isn’t a monetary deposit attached to these games, you shouldn’t expect to win a real cash prize.


In many cases, free to play game modes have been known to be used by new players to establish a base for playing a game. In addition, it is a means to acclimatize yourself to a game you haven’t tried before. By trying the game in the free demo mode, you get to learn or test the tricks and maneuvers you could use when you are ready to try the real money version of the online casino titles.


Advantages of Free to Play Games

Some of the advantages you could derive from playing online in free mode include the following:

  • No registration is required – Most online gambling platforms will not ask you to sign-up to enjoy free-to-play games. This means you don’t have to give away personal information if you aren’t even sure you want to play the casino game for real money in the first place.
  • They are perfect for new online casino gamers – As we pointed out, if you are new to iGaming, starting with free casino titles is wiser. You can learn the ins and outs of the game before proceeding to stake your finances.
  • No pressure is attached to these games   With free-to-play titles, you just have to give into the online casino gaming experience. Since there is no money on the line, you can learn the ropes of the game without feeling the pressure to perform well.


Cons of Free Play Games

Unlike real money online casino games, you can’t cash in on your wins in the free game mode. Also, there are versions of free-to-play games that hold off on giving all the gameplay features you’d find in real-money versions of these titles.


What About Real Money Casino Games?

Real-money casino titles, as their names suggest, will require you to deposit actual money into your gaming account to play. With these games, you can win money if you perform well based on gameplay rules.


Perks of Real Money Casino Games

Some of the most notable merits of jumping into real-money casino action include:

  • Flexibility to many budget ranges – Whether you are a high-roller or casual gamer, you’ll be happy to know these casino titles can accommodate all types of gamblers.
  • There is a chance of winning – Depending on the game’s results; you stand a chance of pocketing actual returns. These may either be jackpots or small amounts.
  • Tournaments – With real money play, you can participate in tournaments that often offer sizeable chunks of prize cash.
  • Bonuses and promotions – Players can redeem different deals that will open them up for more opportunities to win some money if they make the right moves.


Cons of Real Money Casino Games

While there are good aspects to real-money casino games, some drawbacks exist. For instance, while there is a chance you may land a win after depositing money, there is also the risk that you may lose on your deposit if you fail to land a win. Moreover, as good as the bonuses and tournaments are when you play for real money, they come with strings attached, which might even mean you end up spending more cash.


Final Thoughts

Both these types of games are fantastic to enjoy, and players will get their desired satisfaction levels depending on their gambling objectives. However, ultimately, you are better off starting your wagering journey by trying out free-to-play games and garnering the required experience before proceeding to engage in their real-money counterparts.