Catchy Casino Phrases You Will Hear in Australia Only

Gambling phrases are a great way to liven up conversations, add some flair and make speech fun. Australians have unique idiomatic expressions when talking about gambling that you won’t hear anywhere else in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular casino phrases used Down Under.

Short History of Gambling Idioms

Gambling has been around for centuries and is one of the oldest forms of entertainment in Australia. This means it’s also had a long time to pick up some interesting language and phrases, many of which still live on today.

While some gambling idioms date back to the 1700s, many were popularized during the Wild West days of America in the 1800s. Some of the most well-known and widely used gambling phrases today include “all in”, “double or nothing”, and “the house always wins”. As you explore the world of online casinos and claim a 10 deposit casino bonus, you might find the phrase “roll the dice” resonating with your daring spirit, signifying your willingness to take calculated risks for potential rewards. And if you’re looking for some risk-free entertainment, you can always delve into free online pokies available at So keep reading to learn new idioms, impress your friends, and test your gut in the ever-thrilling realm of gambling and gaming.

Chasing Your Losses

If someone is chasing their losses, it means they’re continuing to gamble even if they are completely broke. This phrase is used more negatively, and it means the gambler is trying to make up for their losses by making risky bets. For example you can use this idiom if someone is on a losing streak but keeps gambling anyway.

Roll the Dice

The idiom “roll the dice” has a few different meanings. Generally, it means taking a chance and hoping for the best outcome.

This phrase can also describe gambling or trying something risky with the hope of getting lucky. It can also mean making a decision without knowing all the facts or implications as if you were literally rolling dice to decide your fate.

Ace in the Hole

This gambling phrase is used to describe a card that a gambler may have up their sleeve. It can mean someone has an advantage at the table, or that they’re holding back on revealing the card for strategic reasons.

Usually, you can hear this idiom at poker. Example of usage: “The gambler had an ace in the hole and won the hand!”

All Bets Are Off

This gambling expression is used to indicate that a bet has been cancelled, or that the odds have changed. It’s typically used when someone changes their mind about a wager, or when external factors make the initial agreement invalid. Example when you can use it: “I thought we had a deal, but now all bets are off.”

Betting the Farm

This gambling phrase means someone is betting a large amount of money, or taking a big risk in the hope of winning big. It’s usually used when someone is putting everything they have on the line to try and win whether it’s slots or poker. Example when you can use it: “He was betting the farm, but he still lost!

Down to the Wire

One of common idiomatic expressions is “down to the wire”. It is used to describe a close finish. If a race or other competition is down to the wire, it means that the outcome is still uncertain and could go either way. Example when you can use it: “It was down to the wire, but in the end she won!”

Hit the Jackpot

This gambling phrase is used when a player has had some luck and won big. It usually means they’ve won a lot of money in one go. Example when you can use it: “After a few rounds of roulette, he hit the jackpot and won $10,000!”

In the Cards

This phrase is used to describe something that’s likely to happen. It typically means that it’s possible, but not guaranteed. Example when you can use it: “I think winning the lottery is in the cards, but I’m not sure.”

Dead Set

This gambling phrase means something is true and isn’t likely to change soon. Aussie gamblers might use it to refer to a bet they think can be depended on, even if they don’t have any solid evidence behind them.

Luck of the Draw

This phrase is used to describe a situation where someone is not in control of the outcome. When it’s the luck of the draw, you could win or lose no matter what you do. Example when you can use it: “The outcome was the luck of the draw, and he ended up losing.”

On a Roll

This gambling expression is used to describe someone who’s had several wins in a row. It’s typically used more positively, when someone is having a streak of good luck. Example when you can use it: “He was on a roll and won four hands in a row!”

Play Cards Right

One of the most popular idiomatic expressions is “play cards right”. It is used to describe someone who is making the right decisions.

It will be easier to remember this idiom while practicing such card games like poker, blackjack or baccarat. Example when you can use it: “If he plays his cards right, he should be able to win this round.”

Play the Percentages

This phrase is used to describe someone who is making decisions based on the odds of something happening. It means that they’re betting according to the likelihood of an event occurring. Example when you can use it: “He was playing the percentages, but still lost in the end.”

Sweeten the Pot

This gambling phrase is used to describe someone who is adding more money or incentives to a bet. It means that they’re trying to make the bet more attractive in order to entice others to join in.

Mainly, you can use this idiom when you play slots and want to increase your chances on hitting the jackpot. Example when you can use it: “He was trying to sweeten the pot by adding more money to the pot.”

The Cards Are Stacked Against You

This phrase is used to describe a situation where someone’s chances of winning are not very good. It means that the odds are not in their favor. Example when you can use it: “The cards were stacked against him, but he still managed to win!”

Throwing the Game

This gambling expression is used to describe someone’s intentionally lose in the game, usually for one’s own gain or profit. It means that they are not playing to win. Example when you can use it: “He was throwing the game, so he could make some money off of it.”

Turning a Blind Eye

While playing casino games some gamblers can turn a blind eye, which means they don’t pay attention to something. In other words, they are willfully ignoring some facts or details.

Usually, this idiom is used in negative context. Example when you can use it: “The dealer was turning a blind eye, so the players could get away with cheating.”

On the Nose

When someone puts a bet “on the nose”, it means they’re betting on an exact result. It’s one of the most popular idiomatic expressions among Aussies.

For example, players might bet that a certain horse will win the race exactly as predicted. You can use this idiom as in the example: “He put his money on the nose and won!”

Crook as a Dog

If you hear this expression Down Under, someone has had bad luck at the casino. It’s used more jokingly than anything else, so don’t take it too seriously. For example, you can say to your friends “I was crook as a dog at the casino last night.”

With Knobs On

This gambling phrase is used when someone wants to emphasize something, usually with a sense of excitement. It’s often used by gamblers who feel lucky and want to express their heightened anticipation for the outcome of the game.

Flat Out Like a Lizard Drinking

This idiom describes someone who is working very hard at something, or trying as best they can. It’s one of the best idiomatic expressions for describing persistent people.

It’s often used in Australia when someone has put a lot of effort into gambling but hasn’t had much luck. With all of these phrases under your belt, you can join in on the conversation at any Aussie casino!


When it comes to casinos and gambling, Australians have their own unique language and catchy phrases. No matter if you’re a seasoned gambling pro or just looking to have some fun at the casino, these catchy phrases will help give your time in the gaming rooms an extra bit of flair.

Who doesn’t want to impress their friends with their knowledge of Aussie slang? So what are you waiting for? Get out there and ‘have a crack’ at some of these fun phrases!