The top US casino sites ranked by bonus, games and safety in 2024

Although there isn’t one set of criteria that top US casinos must abide by so that they’re a success, bonuses, range of games and the safety of the site or app are pretty high up on the list. In 2024, the market is exploding in size, and with this increased number of operators comes enhanced quality and competition. We’ve performed a thorough search today to examine the top sites that tick all these boxes and whittled it down to our pick of the best.

The importance of bonuses, game range and safety


Understanding how these components play a vital role in the best US casino sites will give you a solid bedrock to base your decision on when settling on the provider you will enjoy most. Let’s look at these variables individually so that we can drive home just how important they are to the functioning of a top online casino.



Any online business that stores your information should do so with the utmost care and caution. Unfortunately, due to the increasing number of people placing bets online, there’s been a rise in the number of cybercriminals and hackers targeting these colossal organizations.

Fortunately, casinos understand that any breach puts your information in danger and jeopardizes the legitimacy of their entire business model. It is a worst-case scenario for multiple providers, and they’ll do everything they can to ensure they never have to deal with such a problem.

A site must use the highest levels of SSL encryption and have a skilled security team that pre-empts any potential issues and stops them from spiraling into a significant issue.

Since websites are now imperative for successful businesses, cyber safety is one of the biggest ancillary markets, regardless of size. Based on these variables, SugarHouse, Borgata and PlayStar Casino are the top three casinos in this category, excelling in every facet of safety and maintaining a fantastic track record.


Promotions and bonuses


Welcome bonuses are the backbone of online casino gaming, especially for new providers looking to crash the party; there needs to be innovation in any area for them to start developing and servicing a consistent stream of customers.

Promotional offers can come in many forms, and they don’t always have to revolve around bringing new customers to the site. In fact, the best casinos for bonuses are ones that continually revise their offers for new and existing customers, such as BetMGM and DraftKings Casino.


Gaming range


While this might not be as important as the other two components to many customers, the variety of games offered to new customers is a driving force behind how bettors perceive the quality of a casino.

Although there is a balance to strike between the quality and quantity of games a casino offers, the gaming range highlights the casino’s depth and how many providers in the industry it has close ties to. While too many games can be considered overkill, finding a provider that emphasizes choice and quality rather than just having thousands of random games to choose from is another measuring tool that can go a long way in showing what the casino offers.

Our ranking


Once we combine the quality and rank casinos across all three components, we begin to see a common theme and the elite casinos rise above the rest. Although it’s difficult to distinguish the best of the bunch out of this bracket, there’s a clear level that these casinos operate on that we believe is more impressive than all the competition that’s out there.

While becoming a top name in any sector doesn’t necessarily mean you provide the best service, many prominent names in the US casino sector do offer an excellent, all-around service. BetMGM, Caesars, DraftKings and BetRivers are the top four names we would choose out of the dozens of providers we reviewed. Between these four, there’s little to separate them, and they’re all outstanding regarding safety, bonuses and range of games.

Given that they all place a significant emphasis on safety, game range and enticing new bonuses for all their customers, whether they’re loyal, existing ones or new customers looking to place a wager. We’d have any of these four at the top, and we’d recommend that you see what they all have to offer before deciding on your favorite.

Resorts Casino, Stardust, Mohegan Sun, PlayStar, Borgata and SugarHouse make up the rest of our top 10, and although there’s a two-tiered approach to how we’ve ranked these casinos, any of these 10 are more than sufficient and tick all the boxes for security, gaming range and the variety of promotions and bonuses they offer.

Final thoughts


If you like to take your time and shop around and explore the top casino games, then all these factors should be part of your evaluation. Other components to consider include browsing online to see what people have to say about the provider via social media or reviews, whether there are any news stories about them or their service and if other elements of their casino offering are particularly attractive, such as the quality of their mobile app.

Now that there are billions of smartphones circulating, online safety, gaming quality and bonuses will continue to take up much of the conversation in US casino gaming. Smartphones have transcended from a handy tool to an essential part of our daily lives, with the idea of going without one for a week or two an impracticality that few people could ever imagine.

Casinos with a good track record will ensure their app is just as secure as their site and that all the interconnected features form a solid package. This package includes gaming variety and bonuses too. In a world where casino gaming is becoming more prevalent in the US, it’s crucial to understand the things to look for so that you can come to an informed decision about your casino of choice.