Why You Should Have Your Business Website

Why You Should Have Your Business Website

If you are thinking of starting your new business, you need to create your business website. No matter what your business is about, website helps your customer to know more about your service.

Almost all established business have an online presence in form of website which helps their customer to know more about their service and products. When your customer knows about your business from your website, your business would stand out from the rest thereby increasing your website visitor and business revenue thereafter.

8 Reasons Why You Should Have your Business Website

In this article, I would show you 8 reason why you should have your business website, after reading this article, I am sure that you want to create your business website.

If you prefer to do build your website by yourself, you can read my free guide where I show you how to create website using different platform. You can reach out to professional web designer if you are not sure of your skill. Make sure that you check out their previous work to check if they can build your website or not.

1. Tell Your Customer Who You Are

No matter what your business niche is, there are literally hundreds of businesses offering the same service. Due to the high level of competition, your website makes you stand out from the rest. You must make sure that your website is well design and the loading time of your website is less than 3 seconds to reduce the bounce rate of your website and increase your website page view because your customer can interact with other main pages of your website.

A study conducted by Nielsen on consumer discovered that 85% of customer make use of internet to search about business. Without your business website, up to 85% of new customer will not be able to know about your business and what you offer.

2. Find New Customer

Finding new customer that is interested in your products becomes easier when you have your website. With up to 90% of internet user has purchased a product they found on the internet. You too can benefit from this when you create your business website.

3. Improve Business Exposure

Your business website improves your business exposure to different people all over the world. People from different part of the world can visit your website to know more about your customer.

4. 24 Hours Service

With the help of your website, your customer can find your business round the clock. This helps your business to grow because your new customer would be able to find your business without any problem and you can reduce your business expenditure by reducing the number of overnight staff.

5. Advertisement

When it comes to advertising your business, digital marketing makes it cheaper to advertise your business compared to other form of traditional advertisement. You can make use of social media sites to advertise your business to a targeted audience who are interested in your business and are more likely to buy from you. You can make use of Facebook ads to promote your business on Facebook.

Facebook gives you the ability to find a targeted audience by using their filter to find sex, ages, and location of your customer.

6. Customer Service

Website can improve your business customer service by providing an instant answer to customer questions about your business problem.

You can make use of a live chat feature on your website, this provides a quick answer to customer inquiries and updates your customer about your new products and event.

7. Know More About Your Customer

You can install Google Analytics on your website to track your website visitor; this provides reliable data about your business. With this data, you can find where your visitor is coming from, age, sex and so much more to improve your marketing strategy.

8. Low Cost Of Setting Up

Your business website can be set up with just a few dollars, all you need is to buy your domain name from domain registrar, web hosting, and plugins.

When compared to the number of visitors that you get from your website compare to offline advertisement, you will discover that the cost of your website is low and the return of investment would be high.

Whether your business is real estate or photography studio, your business needs website to increase your brand exposure and increase your business revenue. You can add your website to your resume to showcase your work to your client.