6 Best Cloud Computing Examples and Uses in Real Life

6 Best Cloud Computing Examples and Uses in Real Life

Cloud computing might sound like a complicated system to most of us. The thing is, most people interact with it every day, even in its simplest form. Cloud computing is growing, and the trend is not about to stop. If anything, it is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years.

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To understand the Cloud Computing concept better, you need to understand its examples and uses in real life by enroll in a Cloud Computing Course.

1. Communication

Thanks to the cloud, people are able to communicate across various platforms. This is through communication tools such as emails, Skype, WhatsApp, and other platforms. You need to note that all of the tools are based on the cloud. You are able to access your messages and communicate from anywhere if you have the tools on your phone, provided there is an internet connection. Well, that is the doing of the cloud.

2. Productivity

You have heard about Google Docs, if not been in contact with it. Also, you are probably using a host of tools over the internet to edit and create documents. The most amazing part is that you can do this from anywhere, again provided there is an internet connection. The beauty about the cloud is that it allows people to get productive remotely minus the worry of losing devices. You do not need to carry your personal computer everywhere you go for you to remain productive. Cloud-based solutions such as hosted desktops provide mobility, increased productivity, security and savings on hardware.

3. Education

The education sector has also been forced to embrace modern technology, more so the cloud. Developers have come up with e-learning software like Ratatype and SlideRocket. Students are able to build and do presentations online and do web conferencing. The cloud has made it very easy for students and teachers to share and exchange information and scholarly material.

4. Business processes

Businesses are increasingly incorporating the cloud in their operations. A good example is customer relationship management (CRM) and Software as a Service (SAAS). These are all from cloud service providers. Hubspot is yet another cloud service that is being widely used by businesses. Do they bring any value to business processes? On top of being cost-effective, it allows convenient access through the web servers and protects the company’s resources.

5. Backup and recovery

Most people have interacted with cloud computing through data backup and recovery. It starts from the simplest levels, like backing up your contacts to your Gmail account. You can also backup your documents, photos and other material to the Dropbox or Drive. In organizational levels, cloud service providers are hired for the role.

Cloud backup is most preferred due to its cost advantage, security, scalability, and convenience. It provides a lot of flexibility, and recovery is also smooth and fast.

6. Healthcare

Cloud computing has infiltrated all industries, inclusive of healthcare. Thanks to the cloud, patients no longer have to tag along tons of documents and cards to get attended to. The information is available on platforms like ClearDATA, making it very easy for a health practitioner to share their client’s data. This has improved the efficiency and experience of the patients as they are now served faster. It has also made it possible to save money that would have otherwise been used for stationary and hiring extra staff.

Cloud computing is taken over, and soon, it will be a paperless world. The cloud provides convenience in the various mentioned sectors and also provides data security. If you are yet to incorporate the cloud in your business, education, or any other aspect of your life, the time is now.