An Introduction To Online Games And The Devices Used For Online Gaming

An Introduction To Online Games And The Devices Used For Online Gaming

Online gaming is highly popular with young adults and children alike. Research shows that gaming is still a top activity for five to sixteen-year olds online, with many using their consoles or mobile phones for going online.  From mission-based quests and games to sport-related and educational games, users keep on being inspired by completing challenges, and playing interactive games that cater for a broad range of interests. Most games nowadays, permit users to engage in leaderboards, chat with others or to join group games. Many parents or caregivers may wonder about the type of games their children play. In this article we’ll be telling you a bit more about the types of online games and the devices they can be accessed on.

Online Gaming

There are various methods for gamers to play games online. This involves free games that are found on the internet, tablets, handheld consoles, games on smartphones, downloadable games as well as PC and consoles like Nintendo Wii, Xbox or PlayStation. Here are some of the most regular devices used for playing online games. You can check out nonstop casino games here for hours of entertainment.


Console games are played with a TV and a home entertainment console. These consoles can connect to the internet through a home network like other devices. Users can buy and download games, buy extra content for games like additional characters, levels or features and play online, however a subscription may be necessary for using a specific gaming network. The primary manufacturers are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and has parental controls built in their consoles for linking to age rating systems.

2.Mobile Application Games

Mobile games are either chargeable or free and can be downloaded via application stores like Apple App Store or Google Play. Some of the costs linked to mobile gaming can involve in-app purchases. However, you have the option of deactivating these functions on the device or the account settings on the app store.


Handheld games are typically played on portable and small consoles that are internet enabled. Gamers can download games, add new features, buy extra content and chat with other gamers.

4.Internet Games

Web games can be accessed via individual websites that host hundreds of games. Many games are free to play online, or some may have components that are charged for. These sites are hugely popular among youngsters since many offer the user the ability to create their own games.

5.PC Games

PC games are played on a PC in the same manner as alternative software programmes. You also have a choice between free games that are downloadable with limited features. Extra features can be made available with a monthly subscription. Many PC games utilize the internet and offer MMO (massively multiplayer online) games where players can interact with one another in a virtual space.

6.AR (Augmented reality) Games

In these games’ users can enjoy a live view of actual environments that is altered to showcase moveable graphics, permitting players to experience a digital game within the real world. This is typically done by using a camera on the mobile device and are usually seen in games like Pokémon’s Go where the Pokémon appears to be standing in front of the player.