Applying for new gas booking through three easy steps.

Applying for new gas booking through three easy steps.

Getting a ​gas booking​ is one of those things that people do not think twice about, but when they have to go through the entire process, understand what a nightmare it can be. Luckily the system has been revamped to make way for the future. Gas bookings can now be handled through the internet, which means people no longer have to leave the comfort of their homes. Secondly, the process is so simple all the steps to be handled are mentioned online and applicants can ask questions and get answers in a few minutes.

What are the three easy steps for getting a gas connection?

Getting a ​gas connection​ is now a piece of cake, the three easy steps for one are just logging on to the website and gathering the forms and documents needed. Finding all the documents at your place and filling out the forms would have to be handled at the applicant’s end. The second step is submitting all the information gathered which could take some time depending on the person handling it, how long they take to gather everything and the speed of their internet.

The third step is making a payment which has to be handled to begin the processing of the documents. Once the payment has been made and the applicant has a receipt, the process begins at the backend.

The website is quite thorough and in some cases provides the gas connection in a week. There have been instances where people had to wait a month, but that was the longest. The portal also provides applicants with the date of their home visit and the people visiting would set everything up.

What happens once you get a new gas connection?

Depending on the neighbourhood that applicants are living in, most of the gas bookings and cylinder deliveries are handled through gas vans. This means a van comes to the village or town several times a week and drops off cylinders to the people who need refills. There are a few exceptions where the ​gas company​ sends a person to an individual house, for a one to one delivery. There are additional exceptions in some cities where people receive gas through a gas pipeline but in most cases, people get it through the vehicle. Make sure the vehicle comes to the neighbourhood regularly otherwise they would be waiting for ages without gas. Although the system encourages people to keep two cylinders to interchange, the vehicle should come over at least once a week.

Every time a person runs out of gas they have to book a new cylinder online so the company knows that it has to send one. Multiple houses are dealt with in one go when the gas truck comes to that locality.

The Government scheme subsides one cylinder a month or twelve in a year. However, if a household needs more, they have to pay the complete price for the rest of the cylinders.