Are autopsy results public record in Texas?

Are autopsy results public record in Texas?

According to the Texas Public Information Act, an autopsy report is public information and may be released to anyone who requests a copy unless there is an exception under the law.

How do I get an autopsy report in Tarrant County?

How may I obtain a copy of the Examination Report?

  1. Mail the request form (above) to: Records Custodian. Tarrant County Medical Examiner.
  2. Send request via e-mail to [email protected]. NOTE: Reports sent via email are unsigned copies.
  3. Fax the request form (above) to 817-920-5713, attention: Records Custodian.

How do I get a copy of my autopsy report in Texas?

  1. 1 Contact the medical examiner’s in charge of the autopsy. Contact the medical examiner’s office in charge of the autopsy.
  2. 2 Send a handwritten or typed letter. Send a handwritten or typed letter requesting the autopsy report.
  3. 3 Include your contact information with your request.

How long does an autopsy take in Tarrant County Texas?

A standard forensic autopsy can take up to three hours. Complicated cases involving extensive medical issues or traumatic deaths with multiple injuries may take longer in order to document fully all observations and findings.

How can I get someone’s autopsy report?

Write a request for the autopsy report. Most states require a written request for the autopsy report. The details on the request, as well as the address for the request and the request form, can be found on the website of your state’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and/or coroner’s office.

Are autopsy reports public record?

Autopsy reports prepared by the Medical Examiner are public records.

How do I retrieve an autopsy report?

Provide a written request for a copy of the report to the county coroner’s office or state department of vital statistics. Some counties provide an online form. Check online or visit the local office. Ask for a fee waiver.

How can I request an autopsy report?

An Autopsy Report may be obtained by the decedent’s next-of-kin (via an in person request or via a notarized written request), notarized authorization from the next-of-kin, or pursuant to a validly issued subpoena or court order.

How long does it take to get autopsy results in Texas?

The autopsy report is public record. The normal completion time for an autopsy report is 8-12 weeks.

How long does it take to get results from an autopsy?

Autopsies usually take two to four hours to perform. Preliminary results can be released within 24 hours, but the full results of an autopsy may take up to six weeks to prepare.