Are bongs illegal in NSW?

Are bongs illegal in NSW?

Selling bongs is technically against the law in NSW. Sellers argue that the law only prevents them from selling implements used for administering illegal drugs, so all they have to do is say the bongs are for pouring massage oil, or for smoking lovely safe tobacco, and all is well.

Is it legal to buy bongs in Australia?

The sale and supply of bongs is criminalised across Australia, with the possession and ownership of bongs also banned in most jurisdictions.

Can you buy bongs online legally?

As long as you are at least 18 years old, ordering from an online headshop is in no way illegal. Online headshops sell bongs, dab rigs, glass pipes, and vapes that are intended for tobacco, medical use, aromatherapy blends, and legal concentrates.

Is having a bong illegal?

No, they are not. Technically, bongs are part of the drug paraphernalia category. Under federal law, selling, importing and exporting drug paraphernalia is illegal. Mere possession of one, however, is not counted as a federal crime.

Can you sell bongs NSW?

Sale of bongs and pipes It is an offence to sell, supply or display for sale a bong or ice pipe, or the component parts of a bong or pipe, whether or not the bong or pipe was intended to be used to administer a prohibited drug.

Is it illegal to be high NSW?

In New South Wales under section 21 of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 possession of cannabis is a criminal offence and carries a maximum penalty of up to 2 years imprisonment, and/or a fine of up to $2,200.

Is it legal to sell bongs online in Australia?

Is drug paraphernalia illegal in Australia?

In South Australia the sale of drug paraphernalia is prohibited under the Summary Offences Act 1953. Section 9B was inserted by the Summary Offences (Drug Paraphernalia) Amendment Act 2008, and makes it an offence to sell a prohibited item or supply a prohibited item in connection with the sale of other goods.

Can you ship bongs in the mail?

Shipping your own smoking paraphernalia and vaporizers across state lines for personal use is perfectly legal if those pieces are clean and clear of any cannabis residue. Traveling is mostly safe, too, though any vaporizers with lithium batteries might run into some trouble on airplanes (that goes for shipping, too).

Do I have to be 21 to order a bong?

As long as it’s for tobacco use only, technically 18, but this can vary from state to state. To remain proactive we use pop up banners to discourage those under 21 from entering. If you use a water-pipe from a headshop you are supposed to be ID’d.

Can you drive with a bong in the car?

Vehicle Code 23222 VC is the California statute that makes it an offense for a driver to operate a motor vehicle while in possession of an open container of alcohol or marijuana. California law allows a driver to transport a closed container of alcohol or marijuana, or one that is still sealed.

Is a bong drug paraphernalia?

The term drug paraphernalia refers to any equipment that is used to produce, conceal, and consume illicit drugs. It includes but is not limited to items such as bongs, roach clips, miniature spoons, and various types of pipes.