Are First Act guitars good?

Are First Act guitars good?

The base models are incredibly powerful and they are just as comfortable to play as an acoustic, but they have more tone and power. The six-string guitars are also incredibly popular with people who like heavy music. No matter what kind of sound you are looking for, the First Act name is sure to be recognizable.

How much does a First Act guitar cost?

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This item First Act Acoustic Guitar FG127 First Act Discovery Acoustic 30″ Guitar Beginner Starter Pack
Price From $90.00 $6311
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Back Material Type Hardwood
Body Material Wood Plastic

What company makes First Act guitars?

First Act is a manufacturer of musical instruments and musical learning toys, which has produced guitars, bass guitars, guitar and bass accessories, drum sets, percussion instruments, and amplifiers….First Act.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Jazwares
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What size is a First Act guitar?

First Act offers two sizes of acoustic guitars for kids: a four string mini guitar and a six-string 30″ guitar. The mini is more like a soprano ukulele than a traditional guitar, although they still call it a guitar.

What is a First Act electric guitar?

The First Act Full-Size Electric Guitar & Amp Value Pack is an affordable setup for the beginner. The guitar has a modern vintage double cutaway body shape. It was designed in First Act’s studio for artists and is well-balanced with high fret access. It’s sized and contoured for comfort and playability.

How many VW First Act guitars were made?

Perhaps the most unique feature was that each guitar came with a plate on the back of the headstock engraved with the VIN of the car that it came with. At least 11,000 GarageMasters were made, according to the serial numbers I’ve seen on different specimens over the last few years.

What age is First Act Discovery guitar for?

Suitable for age 6 years and up.