Are Questar telescopes still made?

Are Questar telescopes still made?

Questar was founded in 1950 by Lawrence Braymer, who set up Questar to develop and market Maksutov telescopes and other optical devices for the consumer, industrial, and government customers. The Questar Standard telescope has been in production since 1954.

How do I use Questar?

To use the Questar for photography you unscrew the plug for the axial port on the back of the control box and screw in a 1.25” adapter. With the lever on the finder setting it’s then ready for imaging….At A Glance.

Telescope Questar Standard, Duplex
Length ~ 27cm
Weight ~ 3.5 Kg

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Is the Questar 700 / 8 a T mount lens?

The American firm of Questar has a great reputation making telescopes, and still make among the world’s finest. When Questar turned their considerable expertise to a camera lens, they came up with the Questar 700/8. This is a T mount lens, which means it can be adapted to virtually all 35mm SLRs just by changing the rear adapter.

Who is the company Seven of Questar Corporation?

For nearly thirty years Company Seven has represented Questar Corp. offering not only their consumer product lines but also the Long Distance Microscopes and Surveillance Instruments to customers around the world. We invite you to contact Company Seven for advice about tailoring a system suited especially for you.

How many bytes are in a Questar advert?

From Company Seven archives. Click on image to see enlarged view (464,166 bytes). The Questar advertisements tended to present the features of the telescope or host letters and or photos provided by Questar owners pointing out its ease of use, unprecedentedly convenient design, fine craftsmanship and choices of materials.

Where was the first Questar control box made?

The high measure of user friendliness was attained by the incorporation of a Control Box housing numerous patented built-in convenience features. The first Questar telescopes were hand assembled by Lawrence and their employee in a small shop on South Main Street.