Are there any back neck designs for blouses?

Are there any back neck designs for blouses?

This article showcases some of the different types of blouse back neck designs for you to take cues from ornate embroideries to delicate lace patches! While the old-school designs always focussed on the front neck designs, the modern blouses emphasise more on the back necks.

What does a boat neck blouse look like?

Here are some interesting facts and features of a bateau neck blouse design to know about: Boat necks have a wide neckline that runs horizontally on the front and back with a slight curve on the shoulder. They resemble the shape of a boat and hence the name boat neck.

Which is the best neck design for a Saree blouse?

The front neck of the blouse is mostly covered with the saree pallu but back design can make or break the look of saree. Depending on your choice of fashion and comfort, you can choose the back pattern. These days colorful tassels or pom-pom blouses are trending high in the fashion world.

Are there any neck designs that last a long time?

But there are few such neck patterns which comes in trend and last for a very long time and then fades away from fashion. Some of the back neck models images that were a huge hit last year include the button row back design, sheer back blouse, off shoulder designs etc.

Why is the neckline of a blouse important?

The neckline of the blouse plays an important role in your overall look. It gives you a much-required personality and adds an appeal to your look. While there is no rule how you want to design your blouse, there are array of latest blouse neck designs that you can consider.

What’s the best way to design a blouse?

1. Back Slit Design 2. The Sheer Back 3. V-Neckline 4. Boat Neck Design 5. Halter Back 6. Collared Neckline 7. High Neck Design 8. Back Button Blouse Design 9. Back Knot Blouse Design 10. Princess-Cut Design 11. Classic Back Shape with Strings 12. Window Style Back Design 13. Cross Stringed Blouse Neck Design 14. Off Shoulder Blouse 15.

Which is the best part of a blouse to wear?

The back is the most visible part of the blouse and is ideal for playing around with designs. Here are some of the latest features that can expect from the new pattern blouse back neck designs: Embroidery Work: The most popular designs of all!

What kind of blouse looks good on a saree?

Plain silk or cotton bateau neck blouses incredibly look fantastic on plain sarees with relevantly opposite colours. Here are some interesting facts and features of a bateau neck blouse design to know about: