Are there any past papers available at WJEC?

Are there any past papers available at WJEC?

For each of our qualifications, there will be several past papers available from previous years. There are also tiered papers available for certain subjects and the corresponding mark schemes are also available.

Can you do statistics and mechanics in WJEC?

You Can Do It! Oh, hello there! This is where you should be if you are looking for Core 1 through 4, Statistics 1 and Mechanics 1. If you are after Further Maths modules instead, click the button below to access those! If you’re a Year 12 following the new course from WJEC, don’t worry, I have resources for you too!

How long have I been a principal examiner for WJEC?

I have been a Principal Examiner for WJEC for 15 years, the experience has been hugely beneficial by giving me additional professional development, and in-depth knowledge of the examination process. Professional Learning Courses – sign-up today!

Why are past papers important for entry level GCE?

All Entry Level GCE AS/A GCSE. Past papers are possibly the most useful resource when carrying out revision. They enable you to gauge your subject knowledge and uncover your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to understand what areas you need to devote more time to and conversely, what areas you can devote less time to.

How long has WJEC been in the market?

Earlier it was known as Welsh Joint Education Committee or Cyd-bwyllgor Addysg Cymru in Welsh. WJEC has been in the market for over 65 years providing quality qualifications. In Wales, it is considered as the greatest provider followed by a leading crown in Northern Ireland and England.

What are the grades on the WJEC board?

The WJEC board has adopted the 1-9 grading system just like all of the GCSE Boards of the UK. While the top grades range from seven to nine and the lowest ones come in the range on 3 to 1.

What kind of syllabus does WJEC use?

WJEC use two syllabuses Mathematics and Mathematics Numeracy. If you are not sure which syllabus you are studying or which exam tier (foundation, Intermediate or higher) you are sitting check with your teacher.