Are there any tutorials or training for SharePoint?

Are there any tutorials or training for SharePoint?

Here are the different tutorials and training assets available for you to get started on building SharePoint Framework solutions for SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Office clients. These tutorials and training modules include both written and a video format.

What is the purpose of the SharePoint professional guide?

The guide concludes with six walkthroughs that show example developer customizations in SharePoint 2010. The goal of this guide is to provide a framework for an effective evaluation of SharePoint 2010 as a solution creation platform. This guide is intended for the professional developer, development lead, and software architect.

Is the SharePoint ribbon included in Windows 14?

The Ribbon is now included in the user interface for Windows SharePoint Services “14” and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. This white paper describes how developers extend it using a combination of XML and ECMAScript (JavaScript, JScript).

How do I add a library to SharePoint?

To add a list or library to SharePoint in Microsoft 365, click + New from within a site, and then pick List or Library from the list. To add a list or library for SharePoint Server versions of SharePoint click Settings and then click Add an app.

What can you do with SharePoint in Microsoft 365?

These are your entry points into SharePoint. Organizations use SharePoint to create websites. In Microsoft 365, you can create a site from the SharePoint start page. You also get a SharePoint team site whenever you create a Microsoft 365 group in Outlook Online or Microsoft 365.

Can a SharePoint library be opened in explorer?

Getting your SharePoint library into an Explorer view can provide a fast way to do all file operations. You can do it essentially two ways, syncing the folders, or opening in Explorer. The difference is that synced folders persist and can be used anytime from any app, while Open in Explorer is a one-time operation.