Are there cuss words in Are We There Yet?

Are there cuss words in Are We There Yet?

He uses a bit of profanity. NIA LONG plays his divorced, single mom who starts seeing Nick and allows him to transport her kids several hundred miles.

Why is are we done yet rated PG?

contains mild sexual stuff, some drinking and good family/DIY messages.

How old should you be to watch Are We There Yet?

Due to the level of violence and adult themes this movie is not recommended for children under 8. Should be okay to see this movie with parental guidance.

Does tall girl have swear words?

Coming-of-age comedy about feeling different; mild cursing.

Are we there yet bad language?

There is mild language such as the H word. Also the main character is kind of a “cool” and “modern” guy, not a good role model for kids who might copy this.

Is are we there yet on Netflix?

“Are We There Yet?”, directed by Brian Levant, stars Ice Cube, Nia Long, and Aleisha Allen. This movie, along with other movies that Ice Cube starred in, will be leaving Netflix at the end of February to free up space for new content.

Is are we done yet OK for kids?

Are We Done Yet? is a slapstick family comedy with mediocre humour but will appeal to preteens and teenagers. The movie is based on the value of family and friends and shows that a house is not necessarily a home but has to be made into one. family breakdown and resolution.

How old is Tall Girl in real life?

Yes, 17-year-old Ava Michelle is actually tall. Like her character Jodi, the star of Netflix’s newest teen rom-com Tall Girl (out September 13) clocks in at six feet one inch and a quarter (or a half — “Depends on who’s asking,” Ava jokes with Teen Vogue).

Who does Stig end up with?

Stig and Kimmy end up winning king and queen, which comes as a surprise to no one, and then Stig ends things with Kimmy, saying he doesn’t want to be the popular jock and would rather take Jodi as his girlfriend.

Are We There Yet language?

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Are We There Yet genre?

Children’s filmRomanceDramaAdventure
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What country has Are We There Yet on Netflix?

Sorry, Are We There Yet? is not available on American Netflix but it is available on Netflix Canada.