Are Volkswagens Polo reliable?

Are Volkswagens Polo reliable?

Is a used Volkswagen Polo hatchback reliable? Unfortunately, the Polo isn’t the most reliable of cars, according to our latest What Car? Reliability Survey. The Polo came in 17th place out of a class of 25, with owners citing problems with the air conditioning, engine start/stop system and infotainment screen.

Which model is best in Polo car?

Top model of Polo is GT and the ex-showroom for Polo GT is ₹ 10.00 Lakh.

Is VW Polo underpowered?

please suggest whether vehicle is underpowered. Volkswagen Polo’s 1.0 MPI engine delivers 75.10bhp@6200rpm of power and 95Nm@2950-3800rpm of torque. That is sufficient enough for the city commutes. However, it is not recommended for enthusiast drivers.

Is a VW Polo good on petrol?

The Volkswagen Polo costs a little more to buy than the Renault Clio and quite a lot more than the Skoda Fabia. For a pure petrol, fuel economy is surprisingly good, although the Polo isn’t as frugal as the hybrid Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris, and emits more CO2 as well.

How long will a VW Polo last?

Additionally, you can increase or reduce the mileage of your Volkswagen Polo by judicially using your gear, air conditioner, and accelerator. Having this mileage in mind, we can comfortably say that the Volkswagen Polo lasts over six years without any trouble, including the 2 years warranty promised by the company.

Is 1.0 MPI engine reliable?

Third, the 1.0 TSI/MPI EA211 VAG engine is a failure-free titan job. It is a very durable engine that, at regular oil check intervals, can cover hundreds of thousands of kilometers without damage.

How much mileage does polo give?

Volkswagen Polo mileage starts at 16.47 kmpl and goes up to 17.99 kmpl. The mileage of Polo Petrol ranges between 16.47 kmpl – 17.99 kmpl….Volkswagen Polo Petrol Mileage.

Fuel Type Transmission ARAI Mileage
Petrol (999 cc) Manual 17.99 kmpl
Petrol (999 cc) Automatic (Torque Converter) 16.47 kmpl