Can Dreamweaver generate a sitemap?

Can Dreamweaver generate a sitemap?

Open the home page of your completed website in Dreamweaver or in your preferred HTML or WYSIWYG code editor. Choose File→Save As, and when the Save As dialog box opens, save a copy of the home page to the root level of your managed site with the filename sitemap.

What is HTML sitemap generator?

HTML Sitemap is a separate web page that lists hyperlinks to the internal pages of the site. Like a table of contents in a regular book, HTML Sitemap allows visitors to quickly find and navigate to sections of their interest and web pages of the site.

Do I need HTML sitemap?

An HTML sitemap is a file that lists all the important pages of your website that you want search engines like Google and Bing to index. Google recommends sitemaps for large websites of more than 500 pages, but most experts agree it’s worth establishing a sitemap as soon as you create a website.

What is image map in Dreamweaver?

An image map is an image that has been divided into regions called hotspots; when a user clicks a hotspot, an action occurs (for example, a new file opens). Client-side image maps store the hypertext link information in the HTML document—not in a separate map file as server-side image maps do.

Is Dreamweaver used to create HTML?

You can create a new HTML page by using Dreamweaver’s New Document window, which offers more options than the Welcome screen, including access to any templates you’ve created with Dreamweaver as well as a collection of predesigned layouts, which can give you a head start on your designs.

How do I create an index HTML page?

To create an index for a Web site

  1. Create an index file.
  2. Create the HTML file that will contain your index.
  3. Place your cursor at the location where you want the index file to appear, and then click HTML Help ActiveX Control.
  4. In the Specify the command box, click Index, and then follow the instructions on your screen.

How to select a managed site in Dreamweaver?

If you use Dreamweaver, make sure that the Files panel lists your site as the managed site. If not, choose Site→Manage Sites to select your site from the listing.

How to create a site map in HTML?

The HTML code for the Site Map page should use the unordered list tags, as shown in the following sample code: When you create your own Site Map page in HTML, be sure to also include links in this list to any pages on your site that may not be linked through the main navigation.

Can you use client side image maps in Dreamweaver?

Dreamweaver does not alter references to server-side image maps in existing documents; you can use both client-side image maps and server-side image maps in the same document. However, browsers that support both types of image maps give priority to client-side image maps.

How do you create a hotspot in Dreamweaver?

To use hotspots in Dreamweaver, you have to be in design view. When you insert a client-side image map, you create a hotspot area and then define a link that opens when a user clicks the hotspot area. Note: You can create multiple hotspot areas, but they are part of the same image map.