Can I start with 14g tapers?

Can I start with 14g tapers?

Getting Started The starting point for most people is 14g, which is just slightly larger than a regular earring. If you’ve only recently healed from a regular ear piercing, you may want to start out with 16g tapers, just to be on the safe side.

How long does it take to stretch ears to 10mm?

That said, you’ll be looking at a few months, usually around 4 months for smaller gauges, all the way up to a year or two for larger gauges.

Is there a gauge size between 0 and 00?

To avoid damaging the ear lobe, it is necessary to use “half sizes” to keep the stretches at one millimeter increments. The half size between 2g and 0g is 7mm, also known as 1g. The half size between 0g and 00g is 9mm and is occasionally called 00g.

What is after 14G?

18 Pieces Acrylic Tapers with Double O-Rings – 14G = 1.6mm, 12G = 2mm, 10G = 2.5mm, 8G = 3mm, 6G = 4mm, 4G = 5mm, 2G = 6mm, 0G = 8mm, 00G = 10mm.

How can I stretch my ears past 10MM?

GENERALLY USED TO STRETCH PAST 10MM (00G) When plugs get bigger, so do the jumps between sizes. This is where the taping method comes into its own and bridges these gaps. Simply put, the taping method involves wrapping tape around your current jewellery to gradually increase its diameter.

How do I stretch my ears with 10MM?

How big can I stretch my ears before its irreversible?

What size can I stretch up to without permanent damage? There are a lot of different opinions on this topic, but the majority of professionals in the body modification industry recommend never going any larger than 2 – 0 gauge if you want your ears to totally close up where you can’t see through them.

How long does it take for a 14 gauge earring to heal?

Piercings on your ear lobes usually take about 6 weeks to heal. However, piercings on the side of your ear (cartilage) can take anywhere from 4 months to 1 year to heal.