Can I use Kakao on my computer?

Can I use Kakao on my computer?

Use KakaoTalk on your personal computer. KakaoTalk for PC offers chat and other useful features. Available on Windows and macOS. KakaoTalk offers chats and real-time voice and video calls.

Can I make a Kakao without phone number?

Things to watch out for when installing the app: You don’t need a Korean mobile phone number to use KakaoTalk – but many functions like # and shopping / gifting may not work without a Korean phone number. You cannot ever change the email address that is associated with your KakaoTalk account.

Is KakaoTalk Korean?

Check Out KakaoTalk, An Insanely Popular South Korean App That Traffics 55 Billion Messages Per Day. Kakao Talk/iTunes The most popular messaging app in South Korea is called KakaoTalk. It offers an array of free call and text messaging services. The app is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.

Can you download Kakao on Mac?

‎KakaoTalk on the Mac App Store.

How do I use Kakao on my computer?

The program can be downloaded from Kakao’s homepage but before you can use Kakao Talk PC, you need to create and verify an account. You can create an account in the ‘More’>’Kakao Account’ menu in the mobile version, and send a verification code to the email you registered your account under.

Is KakaoTalk like WhatsApp?

Not everyone must have heard about the KakaoTalk instant messaging app. Like Hike, this is also available on Android, iOS, BB OS and Windows phones and includes more features than WhatsApp. KakaoTalk not only has audio calling feature but also feature video chats as well.

Does Kakao show your phone number?

no, they can’t see your phone number. In addition, the ‘open chat’ function can keep your anonymity.

What chat app does Korean use?

Nearly all mobile messaging app users in South Korea use KakaoTalk, making it by far the most popular messaging app in the country.

What app does BTS use to chat?

YOU CAN CHAT WITH BTS ON FACEBOOK MESSENGER!! Get the app! Download right now!

How do I register my KakaoTalk account on PC?