Can I wear jeans to Planet Fitness?

Can I wear jeans to Planet Fitness?

Examples of clothing that is not allowed include: Open-toed shoes or sandals. Mud-caked, greasy, or soiled shoes or clothing. Jeans or pants with prominent grommets.

Are any Planet Fitness open 24 hours?

Many of our clubs are open 24 hours a day. We work to fit your schedule, not the other way around.

How do I cancel my Planet Fitness membership?

You can’t cancel your membership by phone, via the Planet Fitness website, or even by email. You only have two official options: visiting in person or sending a letter. To cancel in person: Visit your home club’s front desk and request a cancellation form.

Why are jeans not allowed at Planet Fitness?

The website specifies that, “Jeans and pants with buttons, metal zippers, metal rivets, belts and belt loops are not permitted. These items accelerate wear and tear on the equipment and could pose a risk of injury.”

Does Planet Fitness have staff 24 7?

The gym is open almost 24/7 so the shifts vary. It varies. Open 24 hours throughout the week and weekends 7am-7pm. Shifts were 10pm-6am, 6am-2pm, 2pm-10:30pm, 8am-2:30pm, 4pm-9:30pm.

What hours is Planet Fitness Open?

Planet Fitness gyms are generally open 24 hours a day but hours may vary by location. Planet Fitness gyms are likely to be open on Memorial Day but check with your local gym for its holiday hours.

Is there a fee to cancel Planet Fitness?

If you end your membership before the contract term, then you need to pay a planet fitness cancellation fee on early membership termination. The buyout cancellation fee for Planet Fitness is $58. The cancellation fee can be 5-6 times higher than the regular payment, if not done as per the contract.

How much does it cost to cancel gym membership at Planet Fitness?

5j) In the event that Planet Fitness agrees to grant membership cancellation, this is subject to payment of a $99.00 cancellation fee accompanied by written notice from the member.

Why do they give pizza at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness’ pizza history dates back to 1999 when a day-long shortage of hot water in its Concord, N.H., club – the company’s third location – prompted its staff to order pizza for members in appreciation of their patience and understanding.