Can Jason Heyward be traded?

Can Jason Heyward be traded?

Heyward can’t be traded right now — not even on a waiver trade, those can no longer be done. They can waive him and if a team claims him, they get the whole contract, but that’s not going to happen either.

Who did Cubs trade for hayward?

Rookie outfielder Greg Deichmann — acquired from the A’s for lefty Andrew Chafin and called up to Chicago when Heyward landed on the 10-day IL on Friday — noted how Heyward spent Saturday’s game on the bench with him.

Who did the Braves trade for?

Acquired OF Eddie Rosario for INF Pablo Sandoval. Acquired OF Adam Duvall for C Alex Jackson. Acquired OF Jorge Soler for prospect P Kasey Kalich. Acquired C Stephen Vogt for minor league 1B Mason Berne.

How many years are left on Jason Heyward’s contract?

Well, it’s Heyward’s contract of course. The Cubs signed Heyward to an albatross eight-year, $184 million deal back in 2016, and it’s not set to expire until after the 2023 season.

What has happened to Jason Heyward?

Jason Heyward suffered a concussion in the September 11 game against the Giants on this play [VIDEO]. Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford’s knee accidentally hit Heyward in the head and he left the game, eventually being placed on the concussion list.

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Who did the Braves get IN the trade deadline?

After the deadline had passed we learned the Atlanta Braves made two of their biggest moves of the MLB trade deadline getting Jorge Soler and Richard Rodriguez.

Who did the Braves get at the trade deadline?

The Braves acquired Joc Pederson from the Cubs on July 15, yet they were orbiting around .500 and grasping for more help to stay in a tight NL East race. As the Deadline neared on July 30, Atlanta dealt for Jorge Soler from Kansas City, Eddie Rosario from Cleveland and Adam Duvall from Miami..