Can you buy seized cars from police?

Can you buy seized cars from police?

Due to a large number of seized vehicles, police departments occasionally put the cars at auction so they can free up some space. Then is a really good opportunity for the public to buy a used vehicle at a much lower price than it would normally be sold at dealers and independent car sellers.

What is the best police auction site?

The 6 Best Government Auction Sites

  • Government Auctions.
  • Police Auctions.
  • Gov Deals.
  • GSA Auctions.
  • Auction Resource.
  • Gov Planet.

What do the police do with seized cars?

What happens to a car after it is seized? Whatever the circumstances of its seizure, the police will take it to an on-site impound, which is generally at the nearest local police station.

Can you buy a seized vehicle?

Thousands of cars are seized by banks, the government, and law enforcement agencies every year. Many of these vehicles will be put up for auction. You can buy a seized car for almost 90 percent off its retail value, so they’re worth looking into if you’re after a bargain.

Are police auction sites legit?

Since Police Auctions are mandated specifically by the government as a way to release items from custody, they are real. These police auctions are a lawful way for the public to buy secondhand goods, and they’re typically less expensive than the alternative.

What happens when a car gets seized?

During the inventory process, the police will remove and seize any “expensive” items to prevent them from being lost or stolen. If no charges are issued, and the seized items are not needed for any other purpose, they can be returned to the rightful owner upon discharge from the police station.

Is buying an impounded car a good idea?

Most drivers do end up paying to get their impounded cars back but, for a variety of reasons, some do not. Buying an impounded car can also be a great way to get a cheap car, but do your due diligence before making a bid—and make sure you’ve got the right car insurance coverage ready to go if you win!