Can you cover up vitiligo with makeup?

Can you cover up vitiligo with makeup?

Yes, foundation is safe to use on areas of vitiligo. You want to make sure you choose a foundation that contains SPF as it is recommended that vitiligo skin is protected from the sun. Dermablend’s Cover Creme Foundation contains a broad-spectrum Titanium Dioxide SPF 30 for such protection.

How can I darken my vitiligo spots?

Photochemotherapy. Light therapy (photochemotherapy) involves controlled exposure to ultraviolet rays to correct discoloration. Sometimes UVA light therapy is combined with a plant-based medication called psoralen, which is taken orally or applied topically to smaller areas of affected skin.

How can I hide hypopigmentation on my face?

To conceal hypopigmentation, follow these steps:

  1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly before applying your makeup with a gentle cleanser.
  2. Apply your Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix thoroughly on the targeted area.
  3. Use the Oxygenating Foundation shade that best matches your natural skin color.

What can I use to cover my vitiligo?

To conceal vitiligo patches on your arms and legs, you’ll need the following.

  • Razor.
  • Body scrub.
  • Fake tanning lotion.
  • Your usual foundation or concealer.
  • A foundation or concealer that’s two shades darker than your usual one.
  • Beauty Blender.
  • Hairspray.

How can I increase melanin in vitiligo?

Eating vitamin C–rich foods like citrus, berries, and leafy green vegetables may optimize melanin production. Taking a vitamin C supplement may help as well.

How do you color vitiligo?

Potassium permanganate, indigo carmine, bismarck brown, and henna paste are commonly used to camouflage vitiligo. These are used to provide an immediate, natural, amber-like shade that can be adjusted to the desired shade by applying a single layer for a lighter shade or an additional layer to get a darker color.

How can I hide the loss of pigment in my skin?

There is no cure. Treatment may include covering smaller patches with long-lasting dyes, light-sensitive medicines, UV light therapy, corticosteroid creams, surgery, and removing the remaining pigment from the skin (depigmentation).

How do you treat hypopigmentation naturally?


  1. Use a Strong Sunblock.
  2. Gentle Exfoliation.
  3. Massage in a Natural Scar Treatment Oil.
  4. Aloe Vera.
  5. Green Tea.
  6. Liquorice Extract.
  7. Vitamin C.
  8. Apple Cider Vinegar.

Can you cure vitiligo?

There is no known cure for vitiligo. For those with light skin, sunscreen and makeup are all that is typically recommended. Other treatment options may include steroid creams or phototherapy to darken the light patches. Alternatively, efforts to lighten the unaffected skin, such as with hydroquinone , may be tried.

Will a spray tan cover up vitiligo?

Hence, spray tanning products are safe to use for people with vitiligo. Spray tanning is an awesome way to camouflage the white patches on the skin, so people with this condition no longer have to cover up or hide away from the beach. Since spray tan products vary from light to dark, they can choose the right concentration for their needs.

How does vitiligo cover work?

Vitiligo Cover lotion darkens the white patches of vitiligo to blend beautifully with your pigmented skin. Our enriched lotion reacts with the cells just below the skins surface that have stopped producing their own melanin, and makes them produce color. Then, as your dead skin cells naturally slough off,…

Can you tattoo over vitiligo?

Tattooing over skin that’s lost it’s pigment is just like tattooing a very light skinned person. The skin condition will not have an effect on the color pigment you put in via tattoo. The tattoo will probably look better in the long run compared to peoples without vitiligo.