Can you do class missions together Swtor?

Can you do class missions together Swtor?

Choosing a Class & Questing Together. Although the rest of the game works perfectly for questing together, the class quests are designed to allow you to be the star of the story, and you can not directly complete your class quests together – but you can help each other and watch each others stories.

What does Companion influence do swtor?

Influence is a numerical value that represents how much a companion likes you. Increasing your Influence Rank will improve the speed at which they perform Crew Skill missions.

Is there a companion limit in swtor?

You can only have one companion adventuring with you at a time. You can use a maximum of six companions at once for crew skills. Most likely you can concentrate the really important crew skill tasks on one or two companions.

Can Sith and Jedi play together Swtor?

Sadly, they cannot. Unless by work together you mean kill each other. If that’s the case, then Jedi and Sith work together very well. Well in several cases the planets, such as Belamorra and Taris, are different levels.

Does companion approval matter Swtor?

If you want to raise influence with a specific companion…that’s what companion gifts are for. According to Bioware blog post, approval or disapproval does not matter, still gets full influence.

What does Companion level do swtor?

Returning from long layoff and i know they changed companions, what does leveling their influence to 50 do these days? They perform better in battle as their influence level goes up. They also craft faster and crit more often. Hold water, a sieve may not, but hold another sieve, it will – Yoda.

How many crew skills can you have Swtor?

The simple rules state that you are allowed to have up to three crew skills in total if you are a Subscriber. If you are Preferred Status Player, you have access to two Crew Skills.

Can you play swtor story with friends?

you will need to go into your Preferences in game, and toggle the box for “Allow Access to Same Class/Personal Phases” (under “Social”), so you can enter each others’ class story instance areas.

How does swtor multiplayer work?

You make a group, and you go through the stories that you want to go through. For “phased” areas (behind green or red shimmering walls), the character with right class must go first, and then the other character’s view will pass from red to blue and he can enter as a fighting assistant and conversation spectator.

Can Imperial and Republic play together?

On certain planets you can meet up, but in terms of the majority of gameplay, no youll be separate. Only during warzones (PvP) and Iokath dailies (since anyone can ally with either side). Not really. When you queue for PvP or GSF, you’ll be paired up with the opposite faction.

What are companion alerts and star fortress in SWTOR?

SWTOR Alliance Guide – Companion Alerts, Alliance Specialists and Star Fortress The Alliance System is a way of building your forces against Arcann by recruiting new companions to your cause, gathering supplies for your newly-founded base of operations, and working with potential allies to destroy key-targets on planets across the galaxy.

How many companions do you have in SWTOR?

You might be anywhere from level 3 all the way to level 10 or higher by the time you meet your first companion. Each class has five unique companions that you earn by playing your class quest, and you can speak to your companions as you progress through your story on your ship or in rest areas.

What happens in Chapter 9 of SWTOR Alliance?

As you gain influence, you’ll also hear small changes around your alliance base… the soldiers, scientists and supporters will sound a little happier as morale improves! Once you’ve completed Chapter 9, you’ll also be able to start the Star Fortress story arc and missions.

How many missions are there in coalition staging?

You’ll see that you have to “Kill” or “Defeat” the ones shown below. At ” Coalition Staging ” it will appear missions from NPC’s around the center. If you take those, you’ll have 4 of 6 missions. The other 2 is out in the field, around ” Massassi Village “.