Can you overdose on filgrastim?

Can you overdose on filgrastim?

Filgrastim Overdose If you take too much filgrastim, call your local Poison Control Center or seek emergency medical attention right away.

Which adverse effect is associated with filgrastim?

Filgrastim injection products may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away: redness, swelling, bruising, itching or a lump in the place where the medication was injected. bone, joint, back, arm, leg, mouth, throat, or muscle pain.

When should filgrastim not be given?

Filgrastim Precautions: The manufacturer recommends that the first dose of filgrastim be given no sooner than 24 hours after chemotherapy. Your doctor will discontinue therapy with filgrastim when your white blood cell count has reached acceptable levels.

Can you overdose on Neupogen?

Neupogen Overdose If you take too much Neupogen, call your local Poison Control Center or seek emergency medical attention right away.

What are the indications for filgrastim?

NEUPOGEN (filgrastim) is approved for 5 indications in the following patient populations:

  • Chemotherapy-induced Febrile Neutropenia.
  • Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
  • Cancer Patients Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant.
  • Peripheral Blood Progenitor Cell Collection and Engraftment.
  • Severe Chronic Neutropenia.

What is the most common side effect of docetaxel?

The most common adverse reactions across all TAXOTERE indications are infections, neutropenia, anemia, febrile neutropenia, hypersensitivity, thrombocytopenia, neuropathy, dysgeusia, dyspnea, constipation, anorexia, nail disorders, fluid retention, asthenia, pain, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, mucositis, alopecia, skin …

How long does bone pain last after filgrastim?

Bone pain caused by Neulasta lasts at least 8 days for 49% of the patients, and most likely longer for a large number of patients.

What is the half life of filgrastim?

Filgrastim has a relatively short circulating half-life (3.5 h) [10], necessitating daily administration until neutrophil recovery.

What are the nursing considerations for filgrastim?

Be alert for signs of increased white blood cell counts (leukocytosis), including fever, weakness, weight loss, loss of appetite, dizziness, fainting, dyspnea, bleeding/bruising, or pain or tingling in the arms, legs, or abdomen. Report these signs to the physician or nursing staff immediately.

Can you drink alcohol while on Neupogen?

The drinking of alcohol (in small amounts) will not affect the safety or usefulness of filgrastim. is best to use birth control while being treated with filgrastim. Tell your doctor right away if you or your partner becomes pregnant.

What are the side effects of melatonin overdose?

Common side effects of melatonin overdoses include: 1 Daytime grogginess 2 Headaches 3 Depression 4 Anxiety 5 Diarrhea 6 Stomach cramps 7 Irritability 8 Joint pain 9 Dizziness 10 Low body temperature More

Is it safe to stop taking melatonin suddenly?

There is no research indicating that it is unsafe to stop using melatonin suddenly. If a person has to stop using melatonin because of side effects, a doctor or sleep specialist may be able to recommend other methods to help the person fall asleep.

Is there a lethal dose of melatonin for humans?

The LD50 (lethal dose for 50% of subjects) couldn’t be established in animals and a dose of up to 800mg/kg wasn’t found to be lethal in humans. To sum it up — melatonin is not known to be a potential cause of death, but you do need to be aware of possible complications if you overdose.

How much melatonin should you take for cancer?

The 30 mg melatonin dosage is substantial. Some studies have used doses of 20-40 mg to prevent and treat clot-forming cells (thrombocytopenia) associated with cancer chemotherapy. This is a serious dosage, and it shouldn’t be used at all.