Did Lewis and Hobson marry?

Did Lewis and Hobson marry?

Hobson and Lewis first met in the Inspector Morse episode The Way Through the Woods. There was no romantic connection between them both here as Lewis was happily married with children. They did get on very well during this time.

Are Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox friends?

Lewis stars Laurence Fox and Kevin Whately reunited last night. The pair may have had somewhat of a frosty relationship on-screen as DS James Hathaway and DI Robert Lewis. But away from the hit ITV series, it looks like the pair are really the best of pals.

Why did Rebecca Front leave Lewis?

In the now-deleted tweet, Fox shared screenshots of a heated exchange between the two, in which he confronted Front after she blocked him on Twitter. In the messages, Front reveals that she chose to block her former co-star because of his behaviour on Twitter supporting the All Lives Matter movement.

What is Kevin Whately doing now?

Whately, who is happily now spending time with a new granddaughter, gardening, and working on charity activities for disabled children and Alzheimer’s disease, said he would start “pestering” his agent again “from Christmas onwards” about new work.

Does Inspector Lewis remarry?

DI Robbie Lewis In Inspector Morse, Lewis is still a happily married man with kids.

Did Inspector Lewis remarry?

Lewis was happily married to his wife Valerie with two young children but this changed after the end of Inspector Morse and in his own spin-off series, Lewis, he looks destined to go the same way as his former boss and go through a series of relationships that were almost certainly not going to work out.

Is Kevin Whately a Geordie?

Many will identify Kevin Whately as a Geordie TV actor, better known perhaps as Sgt Robert Lewis from the ITV murder mystery dramas Inspector Morse and Lewis. …

What happened to Superintendent innocent on Lewis?

Rebecca Front portrayed Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent. In the final season it is revealed she has gone to work for Suffolk Constabulary.

What happened Lewis wife?

In Lewis. Lewis’ wife was killed in a hit and run car accident five years before the series started. Lewis moved to British Virgin Islands three years after her death, only to return to Oxford as a DI two years later.

Is Kevin Whately retired?

Is Kevin Whately retired? Although Kevin Whately retired from his role as DI Lewis, which he played for three decades across TV series Inspector Morse and Inspector Lewis, his acting career didn’t come to an end as he went on to have a cameo role in Scottish sitcom, Still Game, where he played a dodgy dentist.

Who does Inspector Lewis marry?

The “sidekick” to Morse, Lewis is a detective sergeant in the Thames Valley Police, and appears in all 13 Morse novels. In the television adaptation, Inspector Morse, he is played by Kevin Whately….Inspector Lewis.

Robert Lewis
Spouse Valerie (deceased)
Children Lyn Lewis Patrick Lewis
Nationality British