Do aluminum differential covers work?

Do aluminum differential covers work?

The first being the material itself: aluminum covers will expend heat very well. Aluminum also has a weight advantage. Compared to steel or iron ones, diff covers made of aluminum are also significantly lighter. A second way that a cover can help keep things cool is by design.

What does a performance differential cover do?

We highlight performance covers which are stronger, lighter, reduce heat, and add style. Differential covers play an important role in keeping your wheels turning. While allowing easy servicing of your differential fluid, they also create a sealed area that protects gears and gear fluid from dirt and moisture.

Are flat back diff covers bad?

“Flat-back diff covers do harm,” says Banks. “They do harm to the lube because they just work the living hell out of it. The fluid dynamics that the OEs have in the stock diff cover shape, you need to pay attention to that; it’s that way for a reason.”

What does upgrading your differential do?

Did you know that your car can be upgraded to all-wheel drive just by changing the differential? Your car’s differential helps supply power to the driveshaft in order to make your wheel axles turn. You can buy a limited slip or locker differential to upgrade your vehicle and experience a new way to drive.

What is rear diff cover?

aFe Power’s rear differential cover helps protect against heat when towing by adding additional fluid capacity. The built-in internal or external fins transfer heat from the fluid to the outside air for maximum cooling.

Can you upgrade rear differential?

It might be time to consider a rear differential upgrade. Since truck owners all build and customize their rigs for different purposes, there is no “one solution fits all” when it comes to choosing an aftermarket differential. Most trucks come from the factory with “open differentials.”