Do I need to install PHP?

Do I need to install PHP?

No, if you installed a web server (e.g. Apache) on your computer it will not include PHP. You need to install it if you need it. There are apps such as WAMP and XAMPP that will install Apache, MySQL and PHP on your computer without any hassle.

How do I download PHP software on Windows 10?

How to Download & Install PHP 7.4. 6 Manually on Windows 10

  1. Then click Windows Downloads.
  2. Check your system type (64 bit/ 32 bit) by pressing (Windows + Pause/Break) togather.
  3. Under thread safe section click the zip link to start download for your specific system type.
  4. Once download completes, unzip the PHP zip folder.

Is PHP already installed on Mac?

Mac already comes with PHP, so you don’t need to install it from Before High Sierra (version 10.13), Mac came with PHP 5 installed.

How do I run a PHP script in Windows 10?

  1. When you are in that directory, you simple need just type that command: php -f ./sayHello.php.
  2. – Quynh Nguyen.
  3. Make sure that the path to the php executable is in your environment path.
  4. Book never mentioned I need to install just open up Windows command line, open the correct directories, and type php sayHello.php.

How do I open a PHP file in Windows 10?

Hence, you can open php files with Windows 10 supplied Notepad or Wordpad. Third party editors such as Notepad++ are generally used to code with these kind of files. You can start Notepad or Wordpad > File > Open > Select the php file and open.

Is it possible to install PHP on Windows?

The Official releases of PHP on Windows are recommended for production use. However, you are welcome to build PHP from Source. You will need a Visual Studio environment. See » Step by Step Build Instructions . Installing PHP on Azure App Services (aka Microsoft Azure, Windows Azure, or (Windows) Azure Web Apps).

How to add PHP to Your Windows path?

To add php to your Windows path: Right Click on My Computer and choose properties > Advanced Tab > Click “Environment Variables”. Now add “C:\\PHP;” to the very beginning. Now go to start > run > type: regedit and click OK.

Which is the latest version of Apache and PHP?

As of this writing, the current version of Apache is 2.2.4 and PHP is 5.2.2. Download the Apache Windows MSI Installer from Download the PHP Windows Zip Package from The first step to getting Drupal running on your Windows machine is to set up the Apache web server by running the Apache MSI installer.

Where do I find php.ini file on my computer?

If you’re using the Apache webserver, php.ini is first searched in the Apaches install directory, e.g. c:\\program files\\apache group\\apache. This way you can have different php.ini files for different versions of Apache on the same machine. See also the chapter about the configuration file .