Do you need a shock pump for air suspension?

Do you need a shock pump for air suspension?

long answer, yes. you will find you may want your suspension more plush/firm based on personal preference, or terrain type. also suspension tends to lose a small amount of air over weeks of regular use so its nice to be able to monitor pressures without going to the LBS.

What is shock pump?

A shock pump makes a seal with the valve stem before it actually opens the valve. This prevents air loss when you remove it. Due to the small volume of the air chamber in forks and shocks, the amount of air loss a normal tire pump would allow would be unacceptable.

Can I use regular pump for shocks?

cooldad wrote: cooldad wrote: Shocks need high pressure but very low volumes. A track pump will easily do the pressure, but never be sensitive enough – shock pumps also have a release valve to let out small amounts of air.

Can you use a tire pump for shock?

Different tools for different fixes Adapters aside, using a tire pump on your shocks can simply damage them – the goal of a pump that’s made for inflating tires is to move a lot of air with little pressure, while shock pumps do so the other way around.

How do you pump up a shock without a shock pump?

Hold the cap inverted on the valve stem and tap it with a finger to release pressure in small spurts. Use an Allen key to tap the valve stem if your air cap won’t do. Give your fork or shock a shove every so often to check for the correct pressure and stop when it feels close.

Do you need a special pump for air forks?

A regular pump, floor or otherwise, doesn’t produce enough pressure to pump air into the tiny chambers air forks/shocks have. Yes, to answer your question, it probably is going to require a shock pump. Unless your running very low pressure in it.

What is the difference between a shock pump and a tire pump?

A shock pump is designed to fill a very small volume of space with very high air pressures. A tire pump is designed to fill a large volume of air, to relatively low pressures, pretty quickly.

Can you use a foot pump as a shock pump?

The short answer is no, it will not work properly. You might be able to get some air in there but you’ll never be able to get the right quantity. The volume on air shocks is so small that you’ll never get an accurate reading from a floor pump.

What makes a good shock pump for a mountain bike?

The handgrip of the pump is ergonomic. This makes pumping a breeze. The hose is also long and flexible. It also swivels in all directions and so can be easily attached to your air shock. The shock pump comes with a bleed valve, which releases air in bursts of around 5psi. You can, therefore, fine-tune your air pressure to your preferred levels.

What makes Topeak DXG shock pump so good?

The standout feature of the Topeak DXG is the Pressure-Rite’ connector. This uses a two-part connection mechanism with separate attachments for the needle and valve. The end result is almost no air loss during pumping – a fact which makes this pump extremely easy to use.

Which is the cheapest pressure pump on the market?

At € 39.95 it’s the cheapest standard-sized pump in the test field, has a small pack size while delivering a convincing performance with a user-friendly and analogue display that is accurate and easy to read. Thus, the Pocketshox DXG secures both the Best in Test as well as the Best Value Tip of this group test!