Does Andrea have a crush on AJ?

Does Andrea have a crush on AJ?

Even though Andrea frequently argues with AJ, she has a crush on him. This can be proven whenever she shows signs of affection towards AJ such as hugging or kissing him at times. In that books, she refers AJ to her “future husband and boyfriend”, which strongly shows she does somewhat have an affection towards him.

What grade is AJ in my weirder school?

third grade
My Weird School Daze (HarperCollins, 2008-2010) A.J., Andrea, and the gang are “graduating” to third grade, where they will have a new teacher and new outrageous adventures at Ella Mentry School. The titles are… Mrs. Dole is Out of Control!

What comes after Weird School series?

Further series include My Weird School Daze (2008-2011), My Weirder School (2011-2014), My Weirdest School (2015-2018) and My Weirder-est School (2019-).

Do you have to read my weird School in order?

This series can be read in any order.

How old is Andrea-Jane Bunker?

AJ Bunker (born in 1993; Age: 28 years) is an entertainer, hair extension technician, and participant of Love Island 2021….AJ Bunker Wiki (Profile, Age, Height & Weight)

Full Real Name Andrea-Jane Bunker
Popular Name AJ Bunker.
Year of Birth 1993.
Age (as of 2020) 28 years old.

Does AJ like Andrea My Weird School?

He hates, strongly dislikes, loathes, detests, and despises Andrea and her friend Emily.

What is the name of the school in my weird school?

Ella Mentry Elementary School is a school in California where most of the books in the My Weird School series take place. The school is named after it’s founder, Ella Mentry. It has grades one through six, and the principal’s name is Mr. Klutz.

How old is Dan Gutman now?

66 years (October 19, 1955)
Dan Gutman/Age