Does Copenhagen have 2 airports?

Does Copenhagen have 2 airports?

The city of Copenhagen has two main airports. The Copenhagen and Roskilde Airports are the main airports, served by a wide range of airlines.

What state is Kastrup in Denmark?

Kastrup (Danish pronunciation: [ˈkʰæˌstʁɔp]) is a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark, situated on the east coast of Amager in Tårnby Municipality. It is best known as the site of Copenhagen Airport.

How much is a taxi from Copenhagen Airport to City Center?

Taxi. Just outside both Terminal 1 and 3 you’ll find taxies. It will take around 20-30 minutes to get to the city center by taxi, and cost around 250-350 DKK, depending on the traffic. Many hotels in Copenhagen cooperates with the taxi companies offering fixed prices to the airport.

Is Billund an international airport?

Billund Airport (Danish: Billund Lufthavn) (IATA: BLL, ICAO: EKBI) is an airport in Denmark. Located 1 nautical mile (1.9 km; 1.2 mi) northeast of Billund, it serves as one of the country’s busiest air cargo centres, as well as a charter airline destination….Airlines and destinations.

Airlines Destinations
Widerøe Bergen

Is Billund near Copenhagen?

The distance between Copenhagen and Billund is 216 km. The road distance is 260.5 km. It takes approximately 2h 54m to get from Copenhagen to Billund, including transfers.

Is Kastrup part of Copenhagen?

Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup (Danish: Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup, pronounced [kʰøpm̩ˈhɑwns ˈlɔftˌhɑwˀn ˈkʰæˌstʁɔp]; IATA: CPH, ICAO: EKCH) is the main international airport serving Copenhagen, Denmark, the rest of Zealand, the Øresund Region, and a large part of southern Sweden including Scania.

Is Copenhagen expensive to eat and drink?

Average restaurant prices are high in the Danish capital and if you eat every meal in a sit-down, you will likely leave the city thinking that Copenhagen is an incredibly expensive city. You can eat a full meal here while spending about €15-20 per person.

How do I get to Copenhagen from the airport?

Copenhagen (CPH) airport is only 7 km outside of the city centre and offers four transportation options. You can either travel by taxi, bus, metro or private transfer. The quickest option would be by metro or train, as they run 24/7 and take only 15 minutes to reach the city centre.

Is eating out expensive in Copenhagen?

Restaurant prices vary wildly, so it’s difficult to give an average, but expect anywhere from 200-300 DKK at the cheapest places to 2000+ at the fanciest Michelin-style restaurants. 2. Re: How expensive is Copenhagen??? Buffet restaurants are the cheapest, starting from DKK 60 at lunch and DKK 80 in the eveing.

Are taxis in Copenhagen expensive?

Taxis are a reliable way to transport quickly within the greater Copenhagen area. While they are generally easy to access, they are expensive. Copenhagen taxis start at a baseline price of 55 DKK and the price increases quickly.

Where is Concourse F at Copenhagen CPH Airport?

Concourse F has gates F1-F10 and lies to the extreme left of the entrance. There are many options for shopping and dining around CPH airport.

Where is the airport in Copenhagen, Denmark?

CPH Airport – Copenhagen Airport ( Kastrup , Denmark ) Copenhagen Airport celebrates its 90th birthday in 2015. CPH Airport is located in the municipality of Tarnby on the island of Amager – 8 km southeast of the city center of Copenhagen, and accessible from motorway E20 (Oresundmotorvejen), using the ‘Lufthavn’ exit.

Where to eat in Copenhagen CPH Terminal 2?

The popular Copenhagen steak house MASH has a restaurant at Terminal 2’s airside, while the new high-quality deli, the Food Market, offers wholesome food on the go.

Where is the Aspire lounge at Copenhagen CPH?

First, is the Atelier Lounge found near the tax-free shops near the entrance to Concourse A (zone 7). Then there is the Aviator Apartment Lounge and Carlsberg Aviator Lounge near the entrance to Concourse B, adjacent to which is the Aspire Lounge.