Does edgeworthia need full sun?

Does edgeworthia need full sun?

chrysantha should be grown in full sun. Our curator, Andrew Bunting, also suggests planting edgeworthia close to entryways or pathways, so that its spring fragrance can be best appreciated!

Where do paper bushes grow?

Paperbush does well in partial shade to full sun, but for optimal flowering, more sun is recommended. Because the flowers are susceptible to frost damage, a south or west-facing wall is an ideal planting location.

What does a paper bush look like?

Drooping, rounded flower buds covered with silky, silvery hairs appear on top of naked stems. When sunlight hits the buds, paper bush looks like it’s blooming already. Then, in late winter, they pop open to reveal pendant clusters of tubular blooms that are white on the outside and tipped with yellow.

Where does edgeworthia grow?

Edgeworthia chrysantha, commonly called paperbush or edgeworthia, is a deciduous suckering shrub that typically grows to 4-6′ tall and as wide. It is native to woodland areas in the Himalayas and China.

How do you care for edgeworthia?

Edgeworthia prefers well-drained soil, but for best flower production it needs plenty of moisture during the growing season. If established in soil high in organic matter, it is fairly drought tolerant. It also is deer resistant. It grows well in hardiness zones 7-9, and it may survive in protected areas of zone 6.

When should you plant edgeworthia?

Since it is a deciduous shrub, it is best to transplant during the dormant period (early spring and late fall). Water the shrub for about 3 to 4 days before moving its root ball.

Where does edgeworthia Chrysantha grow?

Edgeworthia chrysantha (Paperbush)

  1. Grows up to 4-6 ft.
  2. A full sun or light dappled shade lover, this plant is easily grown in humus-rich, loamy, well-drained soils.
  3. Perfect as specimen plant, for shrub borders, foundation plantings or containers.
  4. Virtually pest and disease free.

How do you grow edgeworthia?

Edgeworthia papyrifera is reproduced by stem cutting. Cut a short length of the woody stem and put it into well-drained soil in a cool area. After a few weeks, new roots will sprout and become a new plant. Both softwood cuttings and hardwood cuttings are used for propagating the paperbush.

When should a paper bush be trimmed?

Best to prune just after flowering as leaves emerge, as pruning later in the season removes developing flower buds for the following year. Paperbush is a wonderful accent or companion plant in groups, and can also be used as an individual, eye-catching specimen.

How do you prune a paper bush?

The nice thing about paperbush is that the lateral buds are very noticeable on the stem. After the plant finishes flowering, cut several of the stems back to near ground level, making your pruning cut at a 45 degree angle just above an outward growing bud.

How do you prune edgeworthia?

Reaching 4 to 6 feet tall by the same in width, this shrub can easily be lightly pruned to maintain shape and size. Best to prune just after flowering as leaves emerge, as pruning later in the season removes developing flower buds for the following year.

Can you grow edgeworthia Chrysantha in pots?

Despite the remarkable variety of gardening myths about its requirements, Edgeworthia is very hardy and easy to grow in garden beds and containers. Edgeworthia will grow in a wide range of soils, including amended clay soils. They perform best in a moist, well-drained, organically rich soil.