Does Kefalonia have good nightlife?

Does Kefalonia have good nightlife?

Nightlife in Kefalonia is not wild but it has some nice lounge venues to enjoy a night out. The most cosmopolitan spot of Kefalonia is Fiscardo, whose waterfront is lined up with fish taverns, nice cafeterias, and bars. Many bars are also found in Skala and Lassi, two lively resorts with lounge bars.

Which part of Kefalonia is best?

Best places to stay in Kefalonia

  • Argostoli. Argostoli is the island’s buzzing capital, with its main square coming alive at night with locals and tourists.
  • Lassi. Lassi is an ideal place to stay for those wanting a traditional beach holiday with an intimate atmosphere.
  • Sami.
  • Skala.
  • Fiskardo.

Is Skala Kefalonia Lively?

It’s lively without being over the top and does have some good restaurants and bars as well as two of the best beaches on the island.

Is Kefalonia very touristy?

Compared to some other Greek islands, Kefalonia is quite large. There is plenty to see on this island, so you want to make the most of it. We would recommend staying for a week at the minimum, but many tourists come for day trips or even for a long weekend.

What is the main resort in Kefalonia?

SOUTH – home to the sandier beaches, with Skala is the main resort. EAST – Poros is the main port linking Kefalonia to the mainland and is a pleasant base for independent travel in the area. Nearby Agia Efimia is a more upmarket fishing village popular with package holidaymakers.

Is Skala Kefalonia nice?

Skala is a very nice place indeed, in fact it is probably, along with Lassi, the most popular resort on the island.

What is Skala like in Kefalonia?

Plenty of tavernas/restaurants and a nice square for sitting in and people watching. The beach is a very long sand/shingle beach with small pebbles at the water edge in places, it has a good variety of watersports but if thats not your thing then there is plenty of space for a quiet relaxation.

Which is best Skala or Lassi?

Basically, Lassi is purpose built but done very well with great beaches and close to Argostoli and the airport. Skala is a proper village that has grown organically, also with a good beach and further away from the capital.