Does Nokia X1 have Bluetooth?

Does Nokia X1 have Bluetooth?

The Nokia X1-01 is an ultra-basic phone manufactured by Nokia for users in developing countries. It is a dual SIM phone. The Nokia X1-01 features 2G or GPRS mobile connectivity. The Nokia X1-01 also does not have camera, GPS, or Bluetooth hardware available.

What are the features of Nokia?

Display 5.84-inch (1080×2280)

  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 636.
  • Front Camera 8MP.
  • Rear Camera 12MP + 5MP.
  • RAM 4GB.
  • Storage 64GB.
  • Battery Capacity 3060mAh.
  • OS Android 8.1.
  • What is the price of Nokia X1 in Pakistan?

    Specifications for Nokia X1-01

    General Specs
    Release year
    Price 3,650 Price in Pakistani Rupees

    Is Nokia 1100 a feature phone?


    Model Id Nokia 1100
    Phone Type Feature Phone
    Category Imported Mobiles
    Brand Nokia
    Color Black

    What is the best Nokia feature phone?

    Best Nokia phones 2021

    1. Nokia 9 PureView. Nokia’s newest flagship smartphone.
    2. Nokia 8.3 5G. A respectable entry into the 5G market for Nokia.
    3. Nokia 6.1. A low-tech but hardy phone.
    4. Nokia 7.2. A solid if unexciting phone.
    5. Nokia 7 Plus. A middleweight marvel.
    6. Nokia 8.1. Once the best Nokia phone you could buy.
    7. Nokia 5.3.
    8. Nokia 8.

    What can a feature phone do?

    Feature phones can make and receive calls, send text messages and provide some of the advanced features found on a smartphone. Feature phones were primarily designed for consumers who want a multifunctional mobile phone but aren’t willing to pay the higher prices associated with true smartphones.

    What is the Price of Nokia 130 in Pakistan?

    Retail Price of Nokia 130 in Pakistan is Rs. 3,549.

    What is the Price of Nokia 106 in Pakistan?

    Nokia 106 (2018) Price in Pakistan by Variants

    Nokia 106 (2018) STANDARD Dark Grey Rs. 2,800 PriceOye
    Nokia 106 (2018) Price in Pakistan Rs. 2,800 PriceOye

    Why is Nokia 1100 so popular?

    It was designed keeping world market in focus. It was dust-proof, slip-proof and reasonably waterproof. Its torchlight / flashlight became an instant hit and people actually used their 1100 as a torch in dark spots.

    Why is Nokia 1100 so expensive?

    Nokia has sold more than 200 million of the 1100 and its successors. However, the high prices are only being paid for Nokia 1100 phones that were made in a factory in Bochum, Germany, Engelsman said, citing an Ultrascan informant. Those phones contain Nokia software from 2002 that is apparently vulnerable to tampering.

    What Sim does a Nokia 100 take?


    Body Dimensions 110 x 45.5 x 14.9 mm (4.33 x 1.79 x 0.59 in)
    Weight 69.6 g (2.43 oz)
    SIM Mini-SIM

    How big is the screen on the Nokia X1?

    The phone comes with a 1.80-inch display with a resolution of 128×128 pixels at a pixel density of 114 pixels per inch (ppi). Nokia X1-01 is powered by an one-core processor. , and supports storage expansion via microSD card (up to 16GB). The Nokia X1-01 is a dual-SIM (GSM and GSM) mobile that accepts Regular and Regular cards.

    How long does battery last on Nokia X1 01?

    The battery still lasts for 13 days without recharging, with a few calls. Such autonomy is hard to find.

    How much does Nokia X1-01 cost in India?

    The Nokia X1-01 measures 112.20 x 47.30 x 16.00mm (height x width x thickness) and weighs 91.00 grams. As of 25th November 2019, Nokia X1-01 price in India starts at Rs. 1,777.