Does Photomath calculate word problems?

Does Photomath calculate word problems?

Photomath currently solves word problems for a limited number of textbooks under our Photomath Plus subscription, but we’re working hard every day to add more to our library.

Is there a site that solves math word problems?

Webmath is a math-help web site that generates answers to specific math questions and problems, as entered by a user, at any particular moment.

Is there an app to solve math word problems?

11 Apps That Will Make You Hate Maths a Little Less

  1. Photomath. Photomath is probably the best app for solving mathematical problems.
  2. iMathematics. iMathematics lets you type in equations and solves them for you.
  3. MyScript Calculator.
  4. PCalc.
  5. Graphing Calculator.
  6. Khan Academy.
  7. Meritnation.
  8. Mathematicus.

What apps help with word problems?

Top Rated Apps for Word Problems:

  • Math Word Problems – Step by Step.
  • 600+ Math Word Problems (LITE)
  • Drill Math Word Problems 1st 2nd Grade – Banana Math.
  • Word Problems.

What is the best app for solving math problems?

Our best Math apps for Android:

  • MalMath. This is an app which takes mathematics problems and solves them with thorough instructions, taking students from issue to answer to insight in simple, well-explained steps.
  • GeoGebra Classic.
  • Mathlab’s Graphing Calculator.
  • Photomath.
  • Brainly.
  • Komodo Maths.
  • Rocket Math.
  • Prodigy.

What is the 4 steps in solving word problems?

Polya created his famous four-step process for problem solving, which is used all over to aid people in problem solving:

  • Step 1: Understand the problem.
  • Step 2: Devise a plan (translate).
  • Step 3: Carry out the plan (solve).
  • Step 4: Look back (check and interpret).

How do you solve word problem with fractions?

How to solve Fraction Word Problems using Algebra? (1) The denominator of a fraction is 5 more than the numerator. If 1 is subtracted from the numerator, the resulting fraction is 1/3. Find the original fraction. (2) If 3 is subtracted from the numerator of a fraction, the value of the resulting fraction is 1/2.

How do you solve word problems in math?

Generally, solving a word problem involves four easy steps: Read through the problem and set up a word equation — that is, an equation that contains words as well as numbers. Plug in numbers in place of words wherever possible to set up a regular math equation. Use math to solve the equation. Answer the question the problem asks.

What is a math word problem?

word problem (mathematics) is a decision problem for algebraic identities in mathematics and computer science. word problem for groups is the problem of recognizing the identity element in a finitely presented group. word problem (computability) is a decision problem concerning formal languages.

What is a fraction word problem?

Fraction Word Problems. A problem is, by definition, a situation that causes perplexity. A primary tenet of teaching through problem-solving is that students confronted with real-life problems are forced into a state of needing to connect what they know with the problem at hand.