Experience virtual reality with AuraVisor

Experience virtual reality with AuraVisor

As we are getting more advanced in technology we are getting more and cooler gadgets by which we can enjoy and experience new thing and one of those technologies is virtual reality (VR). VR is basically a gadget by which we watch 360 videos and play games and do other awesome things.

AuraVisor VR Headset

It was a project of a British entrepreneur it was basically an idea for removing the problems which were coming while using the standard VR.

It is basically an advance and modified form of the VR we were using for past days. It doesn’t require any wires connection cables, computers, smartphone for a good VR experience. AuraVisor is controlled by the buttons present on it and it can access content and download games with the help of your Google account.

It is a self-contained device having an Android based computer system with a display of 1080p and has a processor of 1.8 GHz and has in build graphics card. You can check out the standalone VR headset like AuraVisor on Techfuturae.


First of all the headset is charged and works for an estimated of 4 to 5 hours and we have to load software through wifi and that’s it that simple to use but sometimes we prefer headphones for a better experience. In simple words, we have to upload the content and then surf it on AuraVisor and for controls you have some buttons present on AuraVisor itself for convenience.


AuraVisor comes with some excellent features that help us to experience virtual reality. It is a new way of enjoying and playing videos and video games.

  • Display and build quality– the display consists of Quad HD screen having 1080p size and has a full android based operating system for the user-friendly experience it is basically like Samsung gear but the only difference is that in Samsung gear we have to put our phone inside and here we don’t need a smartphone.
  • Portability – it is straightforward to use and can be easily used unless like the VR here we don’t have to use any wires or carry them around even we don’t have to put our phone every time in it like the VR.


There are also some challenges through. As it has all the hardware self-contained, it has to be upgraded too for the new smartphones coming. And that also goes for software as it contains all the software itself regular updates should also be installed. And even after leaving this one main challenge will be the comfortability of the gadget design as when we use it might also effect our eyes if we use it for a longer period.

The biggest challenge may be content as for users it has to provide good quality content so that its user doesn’t get bored after surfing the same content again and again.

Final words

Auravisor is the best way for enjoying and surfing content in virtual reality and it might be the future for VR but for now. I think AuraVisor is not ready for the market as there are many questions and problems which are not fully solved but as we are heading in technology some more easy and better gadgets might come and take over the AuraVisor