Has anyone ever got 2/9 darters in a row?

Has anyone ever got 2/9 darters in a row?

Brendan Dolan, James Wade and Robert Thornton are the only players to hit the perfect game with the double start format in the WGP. The record in a season is 47 in 2019. Phil Taylor (Premier League Final 2010) & Michael van Gerwen (UK Open Qualifier 4 in 2017) have both hit two 9 Darters in the same match.

Who has hit the most televised 9 darters?

Phil Taylor
Most prolific nine-darters. Phil Taylor has achieved this feat more than any other darts player on television, having done so 11 times. The first came on 1 August 2002 during a quarter final tie against Chris Mason, at the 2002 PDC World Matchplay in Blackpool.

How many 180s has MVG?

Darts Database Player Stats

Rank Player 180s
1 Peter Wright 222
2 Michael van Gerwen 215
3 Michael Smith 205
4 Gerwyn Price 181

Has anyone done back to back 9 dart finishes?

DUTCH darts star Michael van Gerwen became the second player in history to throw TWO nine-dart finishes in the same match. The reigning world champion achieved the perfect leg twice in his 6-2 victory over Ryan Murray in a UK Open qualifier third round in Wigan.

How many 9 darters does Phil Taylor have?

The pinnacle for any darts or snooker player In fact, retired darts legend Phil Taylor has hit just 22 nine-dart finishes throughout his 25-year career in the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). Snooker’s magician, Ronnie O’Sullivan, has racked up the most 147 breaks in the history of the game, with 15 to his name.

Who has the most 180s in darts?

PDC World Championship Player Stats

Rank Player 180s
1 Gary Anderson 22
2 Dave Chisnall 21
3 Raymond van Barneveld 21
4 Michael van Gerwen 20

How many titles has MVG won?

He is also a three-time PDC World Champion, having won the title in 2014, 2017, and 2019….

Michael van Gerwen
Players Ch’ship Finals Winner (6): 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020
Masters Winner (5): 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Champions League Winner (1): 2019
World Series Finals Winner (4): 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019

How many ways can you throw a 9 darter?

There are 3944 different ways to hit a nine darter. Incredibly, the most popular final dart for the checkout is the bullseye with 2,296 nine darters ending on that. Most darts fans will be familiar with nine dart finishes ending on double 12 – that is arguably the ‘go to’ way for the majority of modern dart players.

What are the odds of a 9 dart finish?

At an overall professional level, the PDC have 265 recorded nine-darters over 25 years in approximately 111,000 matches. A frequency of one every 419 matches. A comparison with all the snooker matches in the Sportradar snooker database gives a frequency of 1 in 247 matches and one in 1587 frames for the maximum break.

How many 9 darters have been hit against James Wade?

Video Unavailable. Wade was formerly nicknamed ‘Double 009’ due to his proclivity in the nine-dart stakes, although he has largely been on the receiving end of perfection, with seven televised nine-darters landed against him – more than any other player.