How big is a Dreamcast VMU?

How big is a Dreamcast VMU?

The built in-screen made them comparitively more expensive than memory cards found on rival consoles such as the PlayStation, and because of its design, a VMU is limited to about 128kB (1Mb) of storage – 200 “blocks” in Dreamcast terms.

How much memory does a VMU have?

The VMU has 128KB of flash memory, but by default 28KB is reserved for system use leaving 100KB for data storage, which is divided into 200 ‘blocks’ – 1 block equaling 512 bytes.

How do I insert a memory card into nullDC?


  1. First, open nullDC. Go to options > Select plugins.
  2. There should be two boxes under the box you were just messing with. In those boxes, select “nullDC VMU”.
  3. Now that we have inserted our memory cards, they must be formatted and set up.
  4. You should now see two gameboy-looking things.

Is Dreamcast VMU region free?

Dreamcast consoles and game-discs are region-locked (although it’s easily bypassed with a boot-disc like DC-X) but in my experience VMUs don’t care about regions. I have saves from PAL, US, and Japanese region games all together on the same VMU and have never had any problems.

What does VMU stand for?


Acronym Definition
VMU Vehicle Management Unit (software)
VMU Virtual Memory Unit (Dreamcast device)
VMU Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron (US DoD)
VMU Virtual Matching Utility

How many blocks is a VMU?

The VMU has 41 blocks of unused space, but with programs like Dream Explorer (aka VMU Tool) users are able to unlock the extra space increasing the overall capacity to 241 blocks.

How many blocks are on a VMU?

What is a VMU file?

A VMU file is a whole slide image created by Hamamatsu NanoZoomer, a pathology slide scanning device. It is an archive that contains an index file and two or more . JPEG images. In contrast to . VMS files, VMU files are not compressed, so they are often quite large.

Does Dreamcast have region lock?

Sega Dreamcast GD-ROM discs were region-locked, but this could be circumvented with the use of boot discs.

Are Dreamcast peripherals region locked?

It works on American consoles, as all Dreamcast peripherals are region-free. The official European and Asian Dreamcast Gun does not work with any American games. American consoles can run Japanese games using this gun since it is the software that disallows the gun, not the console.