How can I configure my UTStarcom modem for BSNL broadband?

How can I configure my UTStarcom modem for BSNL broadband?

Setup BSNL Type 2 ADSL Modem WA3002 -g1 UTStarcom

  1. Connect to computer.
  2. Login to Setup Page.
  3. Click on Advanced Setup.
  4. Edit VPI settings of PPPoE connection in WA3002 BSNL Modem.
  5. Select PPPoE from the list of network protocols and click next.
  6. BSNL Username and Password.
  7. Choose Save/Reboot WA 3002 -g1 ADSL BSNL Modem.

How do I configure my Siemens modem?

Configure Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600

  1. Connect Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600 to the computer using Ethernet cable.
  2. Power on the modem.
  3. Type on the address bar of Internet Explorer and press enter.
  4. Click on Advanced Setup.
  5. Click Edit button of 0/35.
  6. Select PPPoE.

What is configuration of modem?

Modem configuration functions enable you to configure a modem before making a connection. An application can set modem options and determine the features of a modem without using commands specific to any modem device.

How do I configure my Dataone modem?

BSNL Dataone – Automatically connect to Internet when modem switched ON

  1. Open your browser and point your browser to to open your ADSL modem control panel.
  2. Once you get into Modem Control Panel, you will need to edit WAN settings of PVC0 with VPI=>0 and VCI=>35 for BSNL connection.

How do I reset my Dataone password?

Log in to Broadband, Go to 10.240. 43.216 or 10.150. 128.195. Click on ‘change password’, give ‘Old password’, ‘New password’ and confirm.

How do I connect my ont to my modem?

To do this, get a network cable (also known as an Ethernet / LAN cable) and connect your computer to the ONT, plugging it into the ONT’s active port 1 (the one supplying your MyRepublic broadband).

Does a modem need configuration?

Most NBN providers won’t need you to configure your modem manually beyond making it serviceable in your home. Most providers will simply need to activate your service for the internet to be accessible in your home, provided the technology is activated and is in working order.

Is it possible to configure a modem?

Reconfiguring your wireless network can be done through your router. Reconfiguring your wireless network setup can seem intimidating. Whether your want to modify your network name and password, strengthen your network security, or optimize bandwidth, all reconfiguration can be done through your wireless router.

How do you access your router settings?

Find Your Router’s IP Address You log into your router’s firmware through a browser. Any browser will do. At the address field, type the IP address of your router. Most routers use an address of

How do I get to my router admin page?

Do this by typing the router’s IP address (in the format in the browser’s address bar. Enter the administrative login information—username and password—to authenticate and access the admin settings.